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The chairman also thanked jill majcher who after 14 years of public service is leaving the gaming board effective december 28, 1999. jill, a member of the audit division, had the task of reviewing internal control submissions and was chiefly responsible for establishing the minimum internal control requirements for all owner licensees. the chairman stated that roger and jill's professional knowledge and guidance over the years will be sorely missed. secretary's note: jill majcher has been allowed to continue as a permanent part-time employee and will not be leaving the agency. ; chairman vickrey, on behalf of the board presented roger with a paperweight reflecting his years of services to the board. board minutes member levine moved that all portions of the closed session minutes of the illinois gaming board from april, 1999 through and including october 15, 1999, for which the need for confidentiality no longer exists, be made available for public inspection in accordance with the open meeting act. member jones seconded the motion. the board approved the motion unanimously by voice vote. member levine moved that the board approve the minutes from the open and closed sessions of the october 26, 1999 regular meeting and the october 22, 1999, november 10, 1999 and november 15, 1999 special meetings. member yandle seconded the motion. the board approved the motion unanimously by voice vote. administrator's report due to time constraints the administrator presented the board with a written report. no comments were made. monthly performance report deputy administrator swoik summarized the monthly statistical reports for october and november agr, admissions and patron counts. he reported that the october agr was 9 million and november was approximately 4 million. mr. swoik stated that for the first time, elgin's grand victoria exceeded an average of over million a day every day during the months of october and november. harrah's joliet exceeded million three separate days during november for the first time since 1996. owner licensee items hollywood casino aurora "hca" ; ed pratt, representing hca, requested renewal of its owner's license. the administrator recommended renewal of hca and thanked hca again for the termination of its management agreement. Capturing audio and video during a videoconference is important to keep a record of what was conveyed during a conference. with the pcs-g70s, audio and video displayed on the main monitor can be recorded * 2 directly to memory stick media in mpeg-4 format and can be played back on any pc using quicktime media player. Boat casino indiana casino hotel las nv plaza vegas in, lagunamar hotel resort casino hollywood indian seminole on, vegas club casino hotel casino is bellagio casino hotel las nevada vegas for atlantic casino city hotel in. That the minutes of the may 10, 2006 public meeting be approved as circulated." ms. christine mcveigh read a statement in support of dpac. in her opinion, the board minutes of april 26, 2006 as recorded, contained an inflammatory comment which cast dpac in a poor light. ms mcveigh asked the board to discuss this matter and have the comment removed. carried unanimously c presentations 1. the virtual school the board welcomed mr. bob schnider, district principal, technology in the classroom, to the meeting. mr. schnider outlined the online learning programs that have been available in our school district for a number of years. this past year we had 90 students from our secondary schools and 34 from community education complete courses online. with funding from the ministry, we will be able to increase the options by providing online learning courses for those students who may be experiencing timetable conflicts, cancelled courses because of low enrolment, or the need for a different learning style. we will also be eligible to receive funding for students from outside the district who access our online courses. enrolment counts will take place three times a year in september, february and july. the district has signed an agreement with the ministry to offer courses to be guided by the standards for delivery of k-12 distributed learning in british columbia. one of the conditions of that agreement is that the school district must choose a name for its virtual school and obtain a facility code. the board chair thanked mr. schnider for his presentation and noted that the item, naming of the virtual school, was on the agenda for consideration and online casino guide. All flyers for day trips are on the shelves marked "travel" in the r.s. reading room or go to rainbowspringspoa travel for complete information on trips. i available by phone mon.--fri. 9: 30am-- 5: at 352-465-5215. please call during these times. i will be in the reading room on sept. 10th to discuss upcoming cruises and trips. sept. 21st--hard rock casino in tampa with fabulous buffet in the green room--friday early bird special, plus .00 in free play. driver gratuity, tax & tip included. leave winn dixie at 12 noon note time change ; . p p.
Old school" music in the park series bring the family out for an evening of fun and fresh air. listen to the smooth sounds of the music you grew up with. bring your grill, bring your friends and just enjoy the evening. games and activities will be provided for your enjoyment. hillcrest park has an open air shelter house that will make a great dance floor! this is a great evening for the family. date day time location june 21 saturday 8-11pm hillcrest park july 19 saturday 8-11pm hillcrest park and new online casino.
This hurt the estimated 2, 000 illegal casinos, which were often tiny, sleazy dives.
Incorporates the two foundation stones of the cathedral of the holy name. it has long been a feature of the australian charitable landscape that donations to political parties receive tax deductibility as "capped contributions". because of the potential benefits to donors arising from political decisions, such contributions are always likely to be contentious, and perhaps none aroused greater passion and controversy than the bjekle-peterson foundation, established in 1978 to raise .5million to buy buildings to use as queensland national party offices and to lease to provide additional revenue to fund election campaigns. donors to the bjelke-petersen foundation received the normal kinds of donor recognition, such as plaques and scrolls, and, some would claim, political favours as well. further controversy attached to the bjelke-petersen period when, in 1982, a sydney businessman claimed to have received a knighthood as a direct result of making a gift of 0, 000 to a kingaroy nursing home.2 while philanthropic action was, and is, frequently cited in honours awards as an important contribution by an individual to the community, this direct payment for an honour was widely seen as an abuse of the system and brought the imperial honours system in queensland into disrepute and online casino pay. Em 1110-2-2002 30 jun 95 if the crack is vertical, the injection process should begin by pumping into the entry port at the lowest elevation until the epoxy level reaches the entry port above. the lower injection port is then capped, and the process is repeated at successively higher ports until the crack has been completely filled and all ports have been capped. for horizontal cracks, the injection should proceed from one end of the crack to the other in the same manner. the crack is full if the pressure can be maintained. if the pressure cannot be maintained, the epoxy is still flowing into unfilled portions or leaking out of the crack. 6 ; remove the surface seal. after the injected epoxy has cured, the surface seal should be removed by grinding or other means, as appropriate. fittings and holes at entry ports should be painted with an epoxy patching compound. d. alternate high-pressure procedure. to develop alternatives to concrete removal and replacement in repair of mass concrete hydraulic structures, a study was initiated, as part of the remr research program, to evaluate in situ repair procedures. 1 ; eight injection adhesives were experimentally evaluated to determine their effectiveness in the repair of air-dried and water-saturated cracked concrete. the adhesives were three epoxies, an emulsifiable polyester resin, furfuryl alcohol, a furan resin, a high-molecular-weight methacrylate, and a polyurethane. because of their low bond strength to water-saturated concrete, the furan resin, furfuryl alcohol, and the polyurethane were not considered further as injection adhesives. the remaining adhesives were used to repair both air-dried and water-saturated concrete slabs by conventional injection. the most promising adhesive was a two-component, very low-viscosity epoxy system designed specifically for pressure injection repairs webster and kukacka 1988 ; . 2 ; a field test was performed on a tainter gate pier stem at dam 20, mississippi river, to demonstrate, under actual field conditions, the procedures developed in the laboratory and to evaluate the effectiveness of the materials and equipment selected for use webster, kukacka, and elling 1989 ; . problem areas identified during the field test were addressed in development of a modified repair procedure. modifications included a better method for attaching the injection ports to the concrete and drilling small-diameter holes into the concrete to facilitate epoxy penetration into the multiple, interconnecting cracks. the modified procedure was demonstrated at dam 13 on the mississippi river near fulton, illinois webster, kukacka, and elling 1990 ; . 3 ; the first step in this repair procedure is to clean the concrete surfaces by sandblasting. next, injection holes are drilled. these holes, 13 mm in 1 in. ; diam and 152 m 6 in. ; deep, are wet drilled to flush fines from the holes as they occur. after injection ports are installed, the entire surface of the repair area is sealed with epoxy. after the seal has cured, injection is begun. 4 ; visual examinations of cores taken after injection indicate that a crack network within 152 to 254 mm 6 to in. ; of the surface can be filled with epoxy. these examinations indicate that the special injection procedure works very well and laboratory tests substantiate this conclusion. for example, splitting tensile strengths of the repaired cores average more than twice that of the unrepaired cores and only 10 percent less than the strength of the uncracked concrete. e. low-pressure injection. similar results are attainable with either low-pressure or high-pressure injection procedures. for example, results achieved through an injection pressure of 2 mpa 300 psi ; for 3 min are reportedly duplicated at a pressure of only 0.03 mpa 5 psi ; or less for a period of 1 hr, presuming a low-viscosity, long pot life resin is used trout 1994 ; . generally, anything that can be injected with high pressure can be injected with low pressure; it just takes longer, which accounts for the selection of high-pressure systems for most large projects. however, there are situations where lowpressure injection has distinct advantages. 1 ; low injection pressures allow the use of easily removable materials for sealing the surface of the crack, whereas high-pressure injection normally requires an epoxy seal and aggressive removal procedures. seals that are easily removed minimize the potential for surface blemishes which is particularly important for architectural concrete. some units designed specifically for low pressure use can maintain pressures of less than 0.01 mpa 1 psi ; for delicate projects such as repair of murals and mosaics. 2 ; low-pressure systems are portable, easy to mobilize, require little support from other construction equipment, and their initial cost is about one-tenth the cost of a high-pressure system. 3 ; low-pressure injection is less hazardous, and the use of skilled or experienced labor is seldom critical. typically, low-pressure systems use prebatched resin rather than metering dispensers. once the resin is mixed, it is pressurized by air or springs within capsules, inflatable syringe-like devices, that are left in place until. 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"you have to think about how many dogs you can manage, " said straddeck, a raymore, mo., pet sitter who has done dog parties. if your doggy goes to day care or a dog park, think about the pups she plays with. those are the dogs and owners you'll want to invite. whether you throw the party outside or in, keep plenty of towels, wipes and plastic bags on hand to clean up messes quickly. sending out invitations through evite is easy, but with a small guest list you could hand-deliver invitations to emphasize how special the occasion is. next, think about food. prepare trays of treats that your guests won't mind sharing with their pets, such as cheese cubes, peanut butter cookies or chicken fingers. for the dogs, invest in some fun, colorful plastic bowls to spread around the yard so the pups have plenty of water to drink. the bowls can double as party favors by filling them with toys and treats. you also can get a three dog celebration cake for about . or make your own puppy treats with the recipes at seefido . don't forget to get a polaroid and take pictures, so everyone can go home with a picture of their favorite friend and new online casino. 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Absorption tests were not valued much because it was not possible to test every chip produced due to time constraints. using information obtained from lab testing and surveys, 20 of the 350 native potato varieties were selected as having excellent qualities for producing potato chips. this completed the selection process. although the selection was finished, there was still a great deal of work to be done before the andean farmers could start making money. further testing and selecting was needed because the potatoes were selected from tests done on harvested potatoes. results were needed from tests in the field to see how well the potatoes would yield. In the following discussion proposals were formulated how to bring the medical and social rehabilitation of ukrainian ostomates to the european level. the activities of the regional organisations were appreciated, but it was generally acknowledged that it is necessary to found a national ostomate organisation, which would become a strong partner for negotiations with the government. the meeting decided to make necessary preparations to create such national association. a co-ordination council will be formed, its task will be to unify the statutes of the existing organisations, create regional organisations in at least 15 of the 25 regions of ukraine and in the nearest period to organise the distribution of appliances, which will be received as humanitarian help. with help of parliament representatives it will be necessary to introduce changes in the ukrainian legislature, which will ensure that all ukrainian ostomates receive sufficient amount of appliances free of charge as well as adequate post-operational care. it was also decided to publish quarterly a journal, which will serve as a source of information for ostomates and will increase the general knowledge about the problems of the life with stoma. the next day we had the possibility to visit the lviv consultation centre for ostomates located in the proctological department of the regional clinical hospital and meet with about 20 ostomates. the centre is headed by professor lozynskii, co-operates with a psychotherapist p.g. pechii and uses widely the help of ostomate volunteers. during two years of existence the centre was visited by more than 5 thousands of ostomates and yielded telephonic consultations in more than 4 thousands cases. it also organises instruction courses for nurses. it consists of an office and sanitary room, which is well equipped for hygienic needs of ostomates. unfortunately such consultation possibilities exist only in large cities and it is one of the most important tasks of ostomate organisation to establish similar centres at least in capitals of all regions. the discussion with ostomates was quite informal. we have found that the majority of them are employed, however, they try to conceal their handicap. for those who must relay only on the invalidity pension about 20 usd per month, the cost of appliances being about 30 to 60 usd per month ; the life is very difficult and it is clear that they cannot afford to purchase any appliances. many of them fabricate appliances of their own design or wash the used bag to reuse them again and online casino free money. Your tightpoker tip you want more than action, you want to win. Online- casinos home casino poker bingo skill games free games forum slots roulette blackjack craps baccarat keno online gambling portal online casino reviews online poker reviews online bingo reviews slot machines reviews skill gaming internet casinos internet casino gambling online casino games online slots machines online roulette online blackjack online craps online baccarate online keno play casino free games free slots machines free roulette free blackjack all free casino games articles - news - jokes casino gambling news casino gambling articles poker room articles gambling jokes gambling strategy & tips slots machines strategy roulette strategy blackjack strategy all games good casino bonuses $ 1800 slots village 500 casino classic $ 500 winward casino 400 blackjack ballroom 250 golden tiger casino good poker bonuses 100% - $ 100 poker 100% - $ 100 interpoker 50% - $ 200 poker rewards 20% - $ 100 pokerroom 20% - $ 100 party poker best online casino reviews slots village online casino spin palace online casino winward online casino intercasino online casino 32 red uk online casino classic casino vip online casino ruby fortune online casino blackjack ballroom casino golden tiger online casino internet poker reviews poker review inter poker review pokerroom review party poker review pacific poker review poker rewards review internet gambling forum do you like playing internet poker, bingo or other online casino games like slots and online casino news.
As explained by the arizona federal court, the efficient proximate cause rule would permit the insured to identify an insured peril as the proximate cause of the loss "even if subsequent or concurrent events are specifically excluded from coverage."80 however, the court noted that arizona had not adopted the efficient proximate cause rule, and therefore, the insurance company was permitted to limit its liability pursuant to the anti-concurrent causation language in its policy. nevertheless, in holding that there was no coverage for the mold losses "even though a covered water event may have also contributed to the loss, "81 the court opined: even in the absence of the concurrent causation clause, it is clearand should be to a laymanthat loss caused by mold is excluded. unlike some coverage issues, where analysis and rhetoric move one from a state of complexity to a state of simplicity and clarity, the reverse is true with the mold exclusion in this policy. the policy says loss caused by mold is excluded. enforcing the policy as written, this court concludes loss caused by mold is excluded.82 the court also rejected the insured's argument that the "resulting loss" clause i.e., ensuing loss clause ; contradicted the policy's exclusions. the court found that the clause, "[b]y its very wording . . . only reaffirms coverage for resulting loss ` . . not excluded or excepted in the policy.'"83 it noted other jurisdictions also holding that "the resulting loss provision does not reinsert coverage for excluded losses, but reaffirms coverage for secondary losses ultimately caused by excluded perils."84 in addition, the court rejected the intervener's argument that the mycotoxins released by the mold constituted a "separate and independent" loss resulting from the mold and were therefore a covered ensuing loss under the policy's "resulting loss" clause. the court opined that the intervener's own epa official publication stated that mycotoxins were produced and released by mold. it found that, "therefore, removal of the mold would presumably also remove the mycotoxins . . . [and, ] [a]s such, the mycotoxins do not constitute a separate and independent loss resulting from mold."85 quoting with approval acme galvanizing co. v. fireman's fund insurance co.86 in which the california court of appeal had expressly stated that for an ensuing loss to be. Sunday, february 3rd 2: 30pm in the community room bring your family & friends to watch the game on the centers big screen tv. contests and prizes for: guessing the final score, the # of commercials starring famous retired athlete and the # of car commercials. call the office to reserve your seat. free and online casino directory. Louis missouri come see why the president casino on the admiral is better than ever. Swim in this meet and do not have to be affiliated with the swimming federation of the netherlands antilles or the curaao swimming federation. masters swimmers interested in participating in this event should contact valarie for more information. sixteen barracuda swimmers qualified for the swim team which will represent bonaire at the weganan escolar interinsular interisland school games ; . dates for this competition are pending. the 8th dutch caribbean invitational swim meet will be held in aruba at the end of april. this will mark the third year of competition in this international contest for the barracudas. fundraising efforts are underway to allow as many bonaire swimmers to participate as possible. donations to the barracuda travel fund can be directed to luisabm story & photos by valarie stimpson and online casino free bonus. Com casino jack jack online slot yourbestonlinecasino. Our rating: first class 3642 rooms. this landmark, high-rise hotel is comprised of six towers and located in the heart of the center strip. the self-contained casino and resort offers a wide range of amenities including 15 acres of a caribbean-style water playground. guests enjoy 7 restaurants, 4 pools and 4 tennis courts. the room: 1 king or 2 queen beds, full bathroom, a c and colour tv and find online casino.
Website is costumecollege . why do you guys love costuming? sa winfield: i love to play dress-up, i always have. [transforming] beautiful materials into even a more beautiful garment is very satisfying. danica lisiewicz: it's that darn imagination of mine getting me in trouble again. i love to wear costumes--always have. what's more, i love costumes that look as if they were clothes, not costumes. cheap, ready-made things [don't] interest me at all. i'm terribly proud of the way all the van helsing costumes look. tell us about your presentation. kent: [our] group all had legitimate performance experience, we were all dancers, so we employed the concept of making our presentation an abbreviated ballet. no dialog, no lip-synching, just movement to music telling a simple story and showing off our costumes. we took a somewhat serious tone rare for a masquerade ; and threw in one sight gag for laughs. do you have any advice for potential contestants? kent: [don't] rely on words sung or spoken ; to dominate your entry unless your recording is of a very professional quality. poor-quality recordings have ruined many otherwise good entries. sa: make sure you all get along. this is a lot of work, and there is no room for dissent. not making [your entry] too esoteric is also a good idea; nobody enjoys an inside joke. these masquerades are also about theater, [so] having one person in your group "direct" is a very good idea. everyone can.
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