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Match this! draw 2 matching squiggles. cut them apart and place them in envelopes. create as many sets as you need. give each player an envelope. after looking at their squiggles, they must find their match. variation: play in silence; anyone who makes a noise is disqualified. whose poop? melt pieces of several familiar chocolate bars and arrange them on paper plates. players must identify the candy by smell or sight. place the wrappers nearby as hints. puzzled? teams answer trivia questions on a subject of the librarian's choice. for each correct answer, they receive a piece of a picture or word puzzle. first to complete and solve the puzzle wins. variation: "survivor" style line the teams up and give a box marked with a, b, c, d, true, and false to the head of each team so they can show you their answers without yelling over each other. after answering a question, they move to the end of the line. highland fling wrap a wooden spool in plaid fabric. players must toss spools over their shoulders into a can or box.

The australian timber flooring expo. designex 2007. getting primed for success. By mark diehl --western maryland group there are so many compelling reasons why we should strive to improve the fuel efficiency of the vehicles we all drive. most of them understandably revolve around the immense environmental degradation caused by our addiction to fossil fuels. may i offer another spin on this, please. i want to line your wallets with cash. that's right, cash. allow me to use an example from the fuel efficiency table listed below. if you make a commitment to double the fuel efficiency of your next vehicle, your savings will be substantial. let's trade in your current 15mpg guzzler for a modest 30mpg model. the table below assumes that 15, 000 miles are driven annually. costs are listed for 5- and 10-year "yrs" ; ownership terms. we'll use 10 years because it is environmentally responsible to care for our material possessions well into their mature years. i personally contend that with a modest preventative care program, almost any car these days will easily last 10 years. the fluctuating cost of gasoline is irrelevant in our discussion; your potential savings from a more efficient model will march lock-step relative to a less efficient model. regardless of the fluctuating fuel price, it's the miles per gallon delta that will really put the money into your bank. so let's say you take the plunge and buy a 30mpg model instead of replacing it with the 15mpg model. using a .40 price per gallon figure, in 10 years you will have spent , 000.00 on gas instead of , 000 on the 15mpg model! and so you've lined your wallet without even lifting a finger. and this does not even consider the growth potential of your savings if invested. now you could go hogwild and buy a 50mpg model, reducing your fuel costs by , 800 over the 10-year life of your next vehicle! think about what this would mean to your cash flow if two or more, heaven forbid! ; of your next vehicles were more fuel efficient. you could make a dent in a child's college fund or possibly even retire early and become a fulltime sierra club volunteer. the possibilities are endless. i promised to focus on lining your wallet and so i resist digressing into the many pounds of pollutants that you would not be emitting. you've surely heard all this by now. but if these "less emissions" reasons alone are not compelling enough to tilt your next purchase toward a more fuel efficient vehicle, then i hope that i have been successful in pointing out the fiscal incentive. money talks for all of us. best wishes with your next purchase--may it pad your purse handsomely. Back to top 2-4-6-8 we appreci-8 casino workers * ongoing everyday at the siena your casino is your passport to food, fun, free and online casino pay. Vinny" and a friend try to break the bones of a man who owes them money, but since the intended victim drinks milk, they can't hurt him. the international dairy food tv commercial. He winter weekend will be january 24-27 at the lake placid hilton. hotel rooms will go quickly! make your reservations as soon as possible! the winter weekend planning committee has put together another exceptional, up to date comprehensive program, which will focus on primary care issues and offer workshop tracks on gynecology, office surgery, sports medicine, and practice management. besides the various 40 minute talks, the conference will also include: advanced hands on procedural workshops on joint injections and cosmetic laser. four pre-conference sessions that will feature the american board of family medicine self-assessment modules on coronary artery disease, pain management, depression and well child. restorative yoga classes by suzanne lynch on friday and saturday afternoon. research forum and door prize drawing. for more information on the conference, please go to the nysafp website and click on the winter weekend section for your registration form, the conference brochure schedule and the hotel information and online casino wagering. Hilton code: bingo and games of chance 3-23 a. operation and conduct of games participation by persons under eighteen 18 ; . no person under the age of eighteen 18 ; years shall be permitted to play any games of chance conducted pursuant to any license issued under the local law. no person under the age of eighteen 18 ; years shall be permitted to conduct or assist in the conduct of any game of chance conducted pursuant any license issued under this local law.

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Battleship game to teach concepts of slope, or points on a graph, pair students with a laptop and have them create and then play a "battleship" game. to create the battleship game, you will primarily use formatting features. each workbook should contain two formatted worksheets one for the player's own ships, and one in which to mark hits on the "enemy's" ships. rename sheets 1 ; click the sheet1 tab at the bottom of your spreadsheet window. right click to get the pop-up menu, then choose rename. type the new name in the tab. 2 ; you can also double-click the sheet tab and type in the new name. call the first sheet enemy ships. 3 ; click or double click sheet2 tab and rename sheet2 my ships. 4 ; return to the "enemy ships" tab to begin formatting the first game board. set up game board 1 ; adjust column width and row height to create larger, square cells. a ; put your cursor over the column label a, and drag over to column j. you should have columns a j highlighted. b ; with your cursor still in the grey column heading area, position it over the boundary line between two column headings. the cursor should look like a doubleheaded arrow. click and drag the cursor to change the column width. as you drag, a yellow "sticky" label appears. use that as a guide to set the width to 50 pixels or eyeball the size ; . when you release from dragging, all 10 columns should be the same narrower size. c ; position your cursor over the row one heading number one. drag down until 10 rows are highlighted. with your cursor still in the grey row heading area, position it over the boundary between two of the rows so it looks like a double headed arrow. drag the boundary down until the yellow "sticky" indicates 50 pixels or eyeball the size ; . 2 ; color the cells of the 10x10 grid and display all cell borders. a ; highlight the range a1: j10. this should create a square 10 columns wide by 10 rows deep. b ; using the paint bucket button on your formatting toolbar far right ; , choose a light blue color to fill the highlighted area. c ; after setting a fill color, the gridlines disappear. while the game board area is still selected, use the borders button next to the paint bucket on the formatting toolbar and choose the selection for all borders and uk online casino.
Past engagement. the result is a very playful melody in which everybody seemed to have a good time. he softens things up on the melodious "a love affair", a song that has a definite bossa feel, giving room for the piano to shine while drums and bass provide the background. he closes with a faithful solo rendition of paul mccartney's "let `em in". there are no pyrotechnics here, just bromberg painting the song as if it were a blank canvas. he puts chords only where they were originally present in the song, allowing for a little improvisation at the end. fans of the former beatle would recognize the song and paul himself would be satisfied with bromberg's rendition. for more information, visit artistrymusic. Luxembourg has one casino, casino 2000, located at mondorf les bains, which is the only thermal spa in luxembourg. the property is aimed at the tourist market. casino 2000 offers a gaming room with 218 super jackpot draw poker, slot and bingo machines, as well as six table games. source: gbgc report and online casino free money! Lear corp. layoffs reinforce need to move gun lake casino forward and online casino wagering.

Three former duke lacrosse players who were falsely accused of rape filed mass federal lawsuit against prosecutor mike nifong, the city of durham, and the police who handled the investigation. the lawsuit seeks unspecified damages and numerous reforms to how the durham police department conducts criminal investigations. the suit was filed a month after the city officials were unsuccessful in reaching a deal with the families, who sought million settlement. if the case goes to trial, it would cover a long legal trial that started in march 2006, when a woman hired as an exotic dancer performed at a lacrosse team party and told police she had been raped. the criminal case against the three players ended in april, when north caroline attorney general roy cooper stated that the players were innocent. in the following months, the state bar stripped nifong of his law license, citing that he pursed a flawed case for "political gain and online casino news! Though there are some other things you should know to improve your game. By mark vanhooser, searchsoft solutions, inc. of their customers is the top priority at searchsoft. many districts have stated that the level of support and service they receive from searchsoft is superior to any they have experienced in the past. and their actions support that perspective- last year more than 98% of searchsoft's users opted to continue using the company's services. york county school division was the roger herrington, executive director first district in virginia to implement of human resources at garland isd in this solution. the human resources texas recently expressed that searchdepartment was looking to make the soft "makes me feel as if i their district's hiring process more efficient. only customer." they reviewed several products and both large and small districts have searchsoft soltions provides a k-12 chose the searchsoft primarily for its been able to take advantage of this focused applicant tracking system to cost effectiveness and robust feature industry-leading solution. because hundreds of school districts across the set. the district selected the subthe system is priced to be highly afcountry, including many in virginia, scription model of the system in order fordable, districts using searchsoft this system is designed to minimize to minimize the maintenance burden quickly realize an attractive return on the labor intensiveness of the traditional placed on the district's technology deinvestment. although many districts teacher hiring process. by allowing partment. after being in place for more are facing budget pressure, some have the candidate to submit the applicathan a year, the program has proven to purchased the program by utilizing tion to the districts over the internet, be very successful for the district. the funds available from title ii of the searchsoft program significantly the no child left behind legislation. cuts down on the manual work that according to the hr department, regardless of the source of funds utiis required by the central office. this searchsoft enabled york county lized, districts overwhelmingly agree provides an opportunity for the perschools to take a "quantum step forward that the cost of the system is greatly sonnel department to spend more time in efficiency in hiring the best available outweighed by the significant benefit screening the applications and identiteachers." the program caused the that searchsoft delivers. fying the best candidates. in many district to receive applications from cancases, the volume of new teacher didates who would not have applied in applications increases significantly you can contact mark vanhooser at the past. the hr department was also for a district after they implement the able to identify changes to the district's searchsoft at 800 ; 977-6735, ext. searchsoft system. 114 or by e-mail at mvanhooser sea hiring process that would help them beyond the automation of the applirchsoft . you can also learn more more easily comply with the directives cation receipt, the system offers the about how the searchsoft system is put forth in nclb. district's hiring personnel, including impacting other districts across the principals, secure online access to districts using searchsoft also benefit country by visiting their web site at all candidate information from any from excellent customer service and sup- searchsoft . internet-enabled computer. this flexport. exceeding the support expectations and online casino directory.
The philippines-based asian e-gaming regulator, cagayan economic zone authority through its master licensor, first cagayan is the latest independent online gambling body to accept the global integrity and operational standards of ecogra ecogra ; . first cagayan president albee benitez signed off on the acceptance after several months of due diligence, during which the standards and outcomes-based testing methods used by ecogra in awarding the "play it safe" seal were closely studied by a team working under the direction of first cagayan corporate legal counsel katrina nepomuceno. "we are satisfied that the standards set by ecogra, and the inspection and monitoring systems that support these, comprehensively cover our requirements for safe, ethical and efficient online gaming operations, " mr. benitez said. "first cagayan operates a competitive licensing program, cost-effective regulatory framework and disciplined operator and player protection policies, in a gaming jurisdiction that is safe and reliable." the agreement follows a similar acceptance of ecogra standards by the malta regulator, lotteries and gaming authority last month and one last year by the kahnawake jurisdiction in canada, covering hundreds of licensed brands. ecogra is currently in discussions with a number of other national regulators committed to player protection and fair gaming and hopes to conclude further agreements soon. "this is another step toward our goal of forging valuable links and consistent standards with other regulatory bodies, " ecogra ceo andrew beveridge commented. "first cagayan has accepted that operators using software supplied by ecogra members, and that is subject to ecogra's principles and testing methodologies, will not be required to submit their software to further review and monitoring processes by other third party testing agencies required for a first cagayan online gaming license." seventy-six leading online casino and poker room brands, belonging to some of the most well established and successful online gambling groups in the industry now carry the ecogra "play it safe" seal, which helps players identify internet gambling venues that have voluntarily committed to independent, player protective regu.
Features: hand braided, natural rawhide with spot braided scalloped browband. construction: " doubled and stitched, oil-tan leather. trim: unique silver and jeweler's bronze show conchos. available in barbed wire star bws ; , cross crs ; , goose berry star gbs ; , steer head star shs ; or texas cross txc and online casino free bonus. To st. vincents for the victims of the wildfires in 2003, and helping with various landscaping projects. oh yes, and for the last six years they provided the volunteer force for all summer special meals at the village. lee says the activities are opportunities for his team of naval personnel to help out. "were glad to be making a contribution to the community we live and work in, " he says. according to father joe, volunteers are invaluable. "if we didnt have volunteers such as those from local naval facilities and other community groups, wed have to hire people to perform those jobs and that would mean more money being pulled from our rehabilitative programs to pay salaries, " says father joe. "our volunteers save us hundreds of thousands of dollars annually." n. Traits most desired by both men and women were psychological rather than physical traits. these psychological traits included kindness rated #1 by both sexes ; , intelligence rated #2 by both sexes ; , exciting personality, adaptability, and creativity. the only physical traits to make the top seven were physical health and physical attractiveness. purely sociological or economic traits such as social class or wealth ; did not feature prominently in self-reported mate preferences in either sex of any culture. there is abundant evidence now for the importance in human mate choice of creative intelligence e.g., miller 1999a, 2000c; kanezawa 2000; reynolds & gifford 2001; zechner et al. 2001; li et al. 2002; lynn et al. 2002; zebrowitz et al. 2002; ; and kindness e.g., goldberg 1995; johnson 1996; dessalles 1998; kelly & dunbar 2001 ; from fitness indicators to human culture what do fitness indicators have to do with human culture? the biological signaling theory that explains naturally evolved fitness indicators is remarkably similar to the theory of conspicuous consumption developed by thorstein veblen 1899 ; to explain extravagant culturally invented luxuries miller 1999 ; . highly fit animals show off their genetic quality by growing costly, precisely formed ornaments that their lower-fitness rivals cannot afford or imitate. likewise, wealthy humans show off their pecuniary prominence by buying costly, precisely formed luxuries that their poorer rivals cannot afford or imitate. indeed, the 20th century saw a parallel but largely independent development of signaling theory in biology to explain costly sexual ornaments--e.g., johnstone 1995; zahavi & zahavi 1997 ; , in economics to explain costly, conspicuous advertising and marketing efforts by corporations--e.g., frank 1999; hellofs & jacobson 1999; kirmani & rao 2000 ; , and in sociology to explain costly, conspicuous badges of social status--e.g., veblen 1899; packard 1960; bourdieu 1987; illouz 1997; neiman 1997; gagnier 2001 ; . how deep do the parallels go between these three strands of research--biological signaling theory, economic signaling theory, and sociological signaling theory? a skeptic might accept that the basic logic of costly advertisement may be the same, but argue that the functions of human economic and social-class signaling must be quite different from the fitness-indicator function of sexual ornaments in other animals. that is, we may display our wealth and status not to attract sexual partners, but to do something else. this view maintains the comfortable division between the animal world of genes, traits, and sex, and the human world of culture, ideology, and money. however, i think the reasonable default view is that our wealth-displays and status-displays serve much the same mate-attracting and mate-retaining functions as the fitness-displays of other species. one way to see the potential overlap of functions is to consider in more detail the typical features that are shared by biological fitness indicators and human cultural displays such as art, music, and story-telling. conspicuous cost and conspicuous precision in fitness indicators fitness indicators often look rather different from standard naturally selected adaptations that solve standard survival problems. the evolved function of indicators is basically to advertise an individual's fitness to other individuals. the only way to do this reliably is to grow a trait, or to emit a behaviour, that a lower-fitness rival could not produce in such a high-quality form. thus, fitness can be advertised according to several overlapping principles: do something that a lower-fitness rival could not afford to do--in terms of time, energy, resources, or risk. do something that would make your mutations, health problems, and psychopathologies very conspicuous. do something that requires special virtuosity to overcome some difficulty. do something that is very hard to do well, and very easy to do badly and find online casino.
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Residents under age 16 can hunt big game with a firearms safety certificate and after purchasing a big game license. residents under age 14 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to hunt big game. minn. stat. 97a.451, subd. 4 office holding voting an individual must be 21 years old in order to hold state or local office. minn. const., art. vii, sec. 6 an individual may vote at age 18. minn. const., art. vii, sec. 1; u.s.
Triangles per second many graphics cards with 3-d accelerator capabilities have a triangles-per-second value listed in the specifications and online casino gamble.
2 "house advantage" represents the opportunity for the casino to take in more than it pays out over time and thereby generate a profit. wgi casinos currently offer the following card games: blackjack, spanish blackjack, texas holdem, 3-card poker, 4-card poker and pai gow. existing gaming regulations in washington state limit the number of tables in any one casino to 15, and the maximum single betting limit is 0. wgi casinos also offer a game know as "pull tabs", a game in which the player can win specified prizes by matching certain combinations concealed under strips on a cardboard playing card. atm operations at december 31, 2006, the company was engaged in the business of owning and operating a network of automatic teller machines "atms" ; . atms enable a client to obtain cash by inserting a bank card, or similar card, into the machine and providing required information. the cash received is then debited to the bank account selected by the client. two charges are levied for each atm transaction. the bank or other financial institution from which the funds are drawn charges a fee to its client making the withdrawal the "bank fee" ; . this charge is made pursuant to the banking relationship between the parties and may be debited each time the client makes a withdrawal or may be included in a monthly or annual package price charged by the bank for providing a bundle of services. a portion of the bank fee is forwarded to interac, an association that links the private atm networks of individual financial institutions, which forwards it to the party that provided the electronic switching services that facilitated the particular transaction. the bank fees forwarded through interac are typically split on an agreed basis between the switch provider and the owner operator of the particular atm from which the withdrawal was made. the client is also charged a fee for the withdrawal at the atm, which must be approved by the client before the withdrawal will be processed the "atm fee" ; . the atm fee is typically split on an agreed basis between the owner operator of the atm and the owner of the location in which the machine is sited. subsequent to the year end, the company divested itself of all of its atm operations, with the exception of atms located in wgi casinos that continue to be operated as part of casino operations. reverse takeover the company acquired 100% of the issued shares of wgi effective october 26, 2006 the "acquisition date" ; , in exchange for 78, 000, 000 common shares of the company. as a result of the transaction, control of the company passed to certain of the former shareholders of wgi, making the transaction a "reverse takeover" for accounting and securities regulatory purposes. in a reverse takeover, the acquired company in this case wgi ; is actually deemed to be the acquiring company for accounting purposes, as control of the combined entity passes to the shareholders of the acquired company. from the date. Within software design, the upcoming popular methodologies, like extreme programming beck 1999 ; are often agile. agile software development highsmith 2002, agile software development manifesto60 is targeted towards adapting to changing requirements, very short, feature-driven iterative cycles, using an incremental design approach, i.e. not specifying the design before the development starts or even before an iterative cycle starts, but in the process of designing. "projects may have a relatively clear mission, but the specific requirements can be volatile and evolving as customers and development teams alike explore the unknown. these projects, which i call high-exploration factor projects, do not succumb to rigorous, plan-driven methods. " - jim highsmith in: "what is agile software development?" crosstalk oct. 2002 ; in short, the practices of agile software development are driven by a belief in continuous adaptation. according to highsmith 2002 ; , three overarching characteristics define agile development. firstly, it has a chaordic61 perspective, meaning that one acknowledges the world is a mixture of chaos and order; while goals are achievable and thus ordered in a sense ; project details are often unpredictable, i.e. chaotic. secondly, collaborative values and principles are superior to formalism and rigorously forcing people to adapt to a certain process. this means that there is a focus on individual specialized ; skills and a high degree of interaction both between team members and customers. understanding typically comes from face-to-face-interaction rather than from documentation. thirdly, the development should be steered by a barely sufficient methodology and structure. this is of course the most controversial point, but is being justified by supporting the chaordic view and general agility, in balancing flexibility with structure and online casino free play.
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M members networking cocktail reception at the g grand casino brussels t thursday 24th april 2008 from 18.00 - 20.00hrs, 1 14 rue duquesnoy, b-1000 brussels l located right in the city's historical heart near the g grand place, behind the faade of the prestigious salle d de la madeleine, the grand casino brussels is the new p place to discover. the british chamber of commerce in b belgium cordially invites you to attend an evening of e excitement, exhilaration and first-class entertainment in ` `the cotton club', a newly opened facility at the grand c casino brussels, themed around the 1920s new york city n nightclub. take this opportunity to network with other british chamber members over cocktails in a refined and stylish setting, whilst enjoying the casino's excellent facilities, including over 200 latest state of the art las vegas style slot machines and more than 20 tables. rsvp by: monday 21st april 2008 to glenn vaughan, executive director, bccb - tel: 02 400 00 12 fax: 02 512 83 - email: events Decrease the success chance as much as you like. players can't change your adjusted chance. the chance, but then let players spend points on general perversity modifiers. you leave the chance alone, but let players spend points on perversity and riverbelle online casino. Wife was a witch. he got tired of the cat riding him every night at twelve o'clock. he knew he would get a beating anyway, so he told his master his wife was a witch --- 'i will prove it to you, if you will do what i tell you to do.' the master said he would kill him if lying. the slave said, 'every night at two o'clock your wife turns herself into a big cat and rides us negroes all night, that is why we are all dead in the morning. master, tonight, if you will just before twelve o'clock sprinkle salt and pepper all over your wife, you will see what will happen. and if the mistress come to me tonight to ride me, i will try and cut off one of her paws, will keep a knife so i can, and you will see what happens.' the master did what the negro told him about the salt and pepper, for he thought the negro was lying. the woman at twelve o'clock turn into a cat, and this slave did cut her paws off. she ran back to jump into her skin on the bed. her husband saw her trying to jump into her skin and cursed her and cursed her, and said, 'go on and die.' and she could not get back in her skin and died right there on the bed. the slave came in and gave the master her paws with the wedding ring on. and that save the old negro's hide. i have have heard grandma tell this many a time." the informant, or her grandmother, has combined two themes, the one in 16137, and the "skin-don't-you-know-me" one --- the witch trying to get back into her skin. 16139. "when i was a young man about twenty years old i stayed with a woman out on the old broadway road. that was about forty years ago [1895]. the house is that old log house near mill creek. everyone said she was a witch and i know she was one, although she never did me any harm. i worked for her until she died. i think she had me bewitched, for mother and all my folks tried to get me away from her, but i just stayed on. she had a large farm and lots of cows. we took butter in to quincy. the boys around on other farms wanted to know if i were not afraid to stay with a witch, said she could turn herself into a big cat or calf; wanted to know if i didn't see them running around at night, said other people did. i will tell you what i did see one night, and every word i going to tell you is so, for what i see with my own eyes i know is so. she had two adopted daughters, got them from the orphan home in st. louis. i was just a little sweet on one of the girls, was trying to flirt with her. one night after the chores were all done on the farm and in the house, we were all sitting in the front room of the old log house --- if you have ever been out broadway, you can remember seeing the old house near mill creek --- the old woman said, 'let's have some fun.' how well i can remember it. never will forget it. she started to saying something and waving her hands over her head. did you ever see a table move? we had one of those old-fashion square tables with drop-leaves like they used to use years ago. i not lying to you. every word is so. that table started to walking all around the room. then the pictures on the wall one by one drop to the floor and didn't break. was i getting scared? i can't tell you how i felt, but i could not move. even the looking-glass came down. i thought sure it would break, but it just slip down easy. i didn't move. i just could not get off that chair. then cards started to coming down from everywhere. the floor was just covered with them. i had never seen but one deck of cards in the house. i just don't know where so many cards came from. i happen to look up to the ceiling and there was a big black cat on the ceiling. it was sure a big one. i believe it looked as big as a calf. oh, such big eyes! and the tail! well, i think it went across the room. i thought so that night. man, o man! was i getting scared! i couldn't of moved if the house had of been on fire. i never will forget that night. it has always been with me. she liked me and never did do anything to me. she could see how scared i was, and after it was all over, she gave me a piece of pie. i ate the pie, for i didn't know what she might do to me. i getting ahead of my story. before she gave me the pie, she went to saying something and waving her hands over her head, and every picture went back on the wall --- even the looking-glass that i thought would break any minute. the cards disappear. even the black cat went through the ceiling. after i went upstairs that night i looked everywhere to see if i could find a hole where the cat got through, for i slept up in a little attic room over where we were sitting in the front room. you bet i didn't sleep any that night. sure was glad when daylight came. my folks done everything to get me away, but i stayed three years after that, stayed until she died." mixed. 16140. "my mother lived in zanesville, ohio, about sixty years ago [1878] before they moved out here on a farm. said they had a man witch in the neighborhood that could turn himself into a black cat. said this cat would hang around the house every day, not only hers but other houses. when this cat would appear, this man would disappear. this man would go around and tell everything that happen where the cat had been, even could tell what you had to eat. she said everyone was scared to death of him. the old witch man died before mother moved out here. said everyone was sure glad, for they could not do a thing he didn't know." german. witch in shape of deer 16141. "my great-grandmother knew a woman that had two daughters and they could turn themself into anything and put a spell on you. everyone around in the country was afraid of them. people would miss things all the time, like corn, and even garden things like beans and peas and cabbage would go. everyone was afraid to say anything, afraid they would put a spell on them. one day a man got up and found a lot of things gone, and he happen to look out in his garden and saw two deer eating up his peas. he went and got his gun and shot at the deers several times but didn't hit them. he was so mad he pulled off a brass button off of his coat and put it in the gun and shot at them. this time he hit one of the deers in the front leg. then they left. several days after that, this man was going by this old woman's house, and one of her daughters was out in the yard with a broken arm where he shot the deer in the front leg. the neighbors never had any more trouble with deer eating their garden things after that." german. 16142. "my mother's uncle was a great hunter, he was always hunting, he just lived in the woods. there was a woman that lived about one-half mile from my [great-] uncle's house. he always thought she was a witch. his mother thought it was because he didn't like the woman. one day when out hunting, a deer came real close to him. he shot at it several times and could not hit it. this happen several times when out hunting. so this time he went and drew a picture of this woman he thought was a witch, and shot at the picture, calling her name. he just grazed her forehead. he said if he had of shot at her heart she would of died. he didn't want to kill her even if she was a witch. my uncle started home and when he got there, this woman's daughter was at his mother's house wanting her to come and help her mother, said she had fell down and cut her forehead. my [great-] grandmother went and took care of her. in those days the neighbors would go and help one another. my uncle knew she was a witch then, but didn't say what he had done, about drawing the picture out in the woods, to his mother. and this woman left my uncle alone for a long time, until one day the deer was following him again and he could not shoot it. it bother him for several times, then he knew the witch was up to her tricks again. so he sit down in the woods, drew another picture of this woman, and this time shot at her arm. the daughter came the second time for his mother, said she had broke her arm. my uncle came up just as his mother was leaving and said, 'you stay home, i going this time.' my uncle told this woman, 'if you ever bother me again, the next time i shot i will shot to kill, and left. and the woman never bother him again. then he told his mother what she did and she never went again." german. witch in shape of dog 16143. "this is so and it happen right out here in ellington [township]. two farmers were talking about seventy-five years ago [1860] and one said to the other, 'i could come to your farm all the time and you would not know me --- the truth is, i come all the time and hang i around and you don't know me.' the next morning a big dog was hanging around in the barn lot with a collar on. the man thought the dog was after his sheep, so he picked up the cornknife and hit the dog on the collar real hard. the dog holler. and there stood his neighbor instead of the dog. he.
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Be sure to try version 2, where players can only win by cooperating with another member of the family to form an alliance of linked galaxies. Header is 8-bits, with a binary value of 0011 0111 filter value is not part of the grai or epc identifier, but is used for fast filtering and pre-selection of basic asset types. the filter values for 96-bit and 170-bit grai are the same. see table 16. this specification anticipates that valuable filter values will be determined once there has been time to consider the possible use cases. partition is an indication of where the subsequent company prefix and asset type numbers are divided. this organization matches the structure in the ean.ucc grai in which the company prefix added to the asset type number totals 12 digits, yet the company prefix may vary from 6 to 12 digits and the asset type from 6 to 0 digit s ; . the available values of partition and the corresponding sizes of the company prefix and asset type fields for 96-bit and 170-bit grai are defined in table 17. company prefix contains a literal embedding of the ean.ucc company prefix. asset type, if present, encodes the grai asset type number. serial number contains a mandatory alphanumeric serial number. the grai-170 encoding is capable of representing alphanumeric serial numbers of up to characters.
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The black bishop is trapped in the corner, and the dark squares on the kingside are vulnerable. 18.na2; 18.nc6 would have provided better defense. 19.bh6 f5; 20.qd5 + kh8; 21.rxa1.
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