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Pittsburgh baseball fans are hoping to see improvements in the pirates' game this season. Washington's lottery commission meeting minutes september 21, 2006 page 7 of 10 due to the evening magazine exposure, and to provide prizes at reasonable prices due to alaska airlines' contribution of first-class airfare. pictures and descriptions of the luxury "trip of a lifetime" choices were offered at this time. destination choices were: las vegas, hawaii, cabo san lucas, south beach and alaska. the trips include: first class airfare compliments of alaska airlines, five star accommodations, limousine transportation, , 000 spending money, digital camera, travel gift package, federal tax withholding. the total trip is valued at , 000. ms. anderson described the advertising efforts that are being used to support this promotion. spots from the evening magazine advertisements for "trip of a lifetime" were shown at this time, as well as the presentation to the first winner, which also aired on evening magazine. ms. anderson also noted that alaska airlines is extremely pleased with their partnership with the lottery. commissioner scarbrough inquired if there has been consideration of expanding the promotion to other draw games besides lotto. ms. anderson explained that the agency is considering promotional ideas to launch hit-5 in the spring. deal or no deal mr. cousins reported that the agency has a new scratch ticket named "deal or no deal" that launched last week and started out strong with 0k in sales last week. he will have more information on this in november. scratch advertising mr. cousins described a new scratch advertising campaign that will be launching soon, in spots already purchased through mega millions. existing media weight will be used to give an extra boost to scratch. the spots will air in programming that speaks to adults ages 25 54: csi, dateline, lost, etc. the spots use the unique element of the scratch product to communicate. the "scratch" spots were played at this time. mr. cousins commented that these are just quick spots that are very different from anything else in advertising right now, and are relatively inexpensive. sales update sales goals david harrison presented the sales goal of 0.7 for fy 07. sales goals and results update mr. harrison reported that the ytd sales goal is 2.4m and ytd actual through september 9, 2006 is .7m. this is .7m behind plan and 92.5% to goal. it is .4m and 4.5% behind last year. scratch is 93% to goal and 100.5% to last year. lotto is 84.2% to goal and 109.6% to last year. mega millions is 89.6% to goal and 69.9% to last year. mr. harrison pointed out that, for scratch sales, the goal was raised from 0m to 6m. a lot of that is due to the anticipated increase in sales as a result of the advo campaign. the lotto goal was increased due to some promotions planned later in the year. sales are ahead of last year, but are not yet hitting the ytd goal. in regards to mega millions, the jackpot is an influential factor. this time last year, the mega millions jackpot was 5m. the current jackpot level is m, so the agency is clearly seeing the results of the different jackpot levels of last year vs. this year. Oral questions foreign and commonwealth office, including topical questions ten minute rule bill allotments planning ; bill tony baldry debate the treaty of lisbon no.5 ; ; foreign, security and defence policy legislation european union amendment ; bill consideration in committee of the whole house allotted day 5 ; adjournment. This appliance is intended for household use only. place the appliance on a dry, flat and fixed surface and keep it out of reach of children. never use warm water, sparkling water or milk to fill the water container. never open the brew mechanism during brewing. in "auto mode", always wait for the indicator light to move from auto to manual before opening the brew mechanism. in "manual mode", take your finger off the start stop button and wait until the machine has stopped before opening the brew mechanism. for some drinks, the brew cycle includes a 10 second pause after the initial influx of water. this pause is normal and allows the water to fully saturate the product before brewing continues. if during brewing you can hear the machine running but no drink is produced, stop the cycle by pressing and releasing the start stop button. open the brew mechanism carefully and slowly, and discard the t-disc. try again with a fresh t-disc. after 10 minutes of non-use, the standby light will illuminate. if you are not going to use your machine for an extended period, turn it off using the on off switch. braun electric appliances meet applicable safety standards. repairs on electric appliances including cord replacement ; must only be carried out by authorised braun service centres. faulty, unqualified repair work may cause accidents or injury to the user. this machine is not suitable for use at altitudes above 2000 metres. rinse the water container, fill it to "max" with fresh cold water and place it on the machine. check that the water container is inserted in the slot of the back of the machine. connect the machine to the electrical supply and press the on off switch located on the back of the machine. all the indicator lights will flash. place a large cup at least 200ml ; on the adjustable cup stand. open the brew mechanism, position the cleaning disc on the t-disc holder, bar code facing down. firmly close the brew mechanism by pressing the clamp down until it shuts and free casino slot game. In accordance with sfas no. 144, "accounting for the impairment and disposal of long-lived assets, " the company evaluates the carrying value of its long-lived assets for impairment at least annually or whenever events or changes in circumstances indicate that the carrying value of the assets may not be recoverable from related future undiscounted cash flows. indicators which could trigger an impairment review include legal and regulatory factors, market conditions and operational performance. any resulting impairment loss, measured as the difference between the carrying amount and the fair value of the assets, could have a material adverse impact on the company's financial condition and results of operations. casino revenues casino revenues represent the net win from gaming activity, which is the difference between wins and losses. additionally, net win is reduced by a provision for anticipated payouts on slot participation fees, progressive jackpots and any pre-arranged marker discounts. promotional allowances the retail value of hotel, food and beverage services provided to customers without charge is included in gross revenue and deducted as promotional allowances. the estimated departmental costs of providing such promotional allowances are included in casino costs and expenses as follows: years ended december 31, 2004 2003 , 393, 036 $ 9, 744, 346 $ 8, 810, 054 , 488, 071 , 779, 608 , 656, 695. Grand salami - a sports betting term meaning the grand total of goals scored in all the hockey games of the day and play free casino game! Tom vs koddy pov: mvd game: cpm type: 1v1 map: cpm3a event: cpm masters cup tom's nationality: koddy's nationality: downloads: 179 rating: not rated 0% ; votes: 0 date added: submitted by: eizid rate this demo: download now size 7 mb ; description: cpm masters cup round 3 wb support the people who support the challenge network - get speakeasy dsl and keep the gaming community alive - speakeasy demo comments post comment latest demos added rtcw ike vs bs! Great motion picture music comes in all shapes and sizes, but rarely is it as unexpected as ron goodwin's brass band score in the 1977 walt disney feature, the littlest horse thieves, an anchor bay entertainment release dv10830, ; . the film is a typically solid effort by disney's british unit, directed by charles jarrott and featuring alistair sim in one of his final roles. it is set in a yorkshire mining town a little before world war i, when ponies were still being used to drag the coal bins back and forth through the mines. the mine is losing money, and so the manager decides to replace the horses with machinery. his own daughter, and the sons of one of the miners, collude to save the horses from the slaughterhouse. the film is smartly constructed and while it seems, from a marketing angle, to be a good two decades out of date, it is, from an entertainment angle, a well made drama that adults and older children can enjoy with equal pleasure. now brass bands are the all caps of the musical world, but they are also practically indigenous to england and particularly to yorkshire coal mining towns. because it is a disney movie, the music can be a little playful, and goodwin does a superb job at modulating the enthusiasm of the score to suit the emotional level of the scene. but what makes the score exceptional is that along with adeptly defining the film's emotionsthereby bringing you to tears even more quickly during a scene than you might if there had been no musicit also resonates upon the film's locale. when a film is set in mexico and uses guitar music, then that effect is no big deal, because the guitar is quite adaptable, but in using a brass band to evoke the society involved in the drama while at the same time while still accommodating the film's subtlest shifts in mood and atmosphere is a remarkable accomplishment. and when the band finally appears in person during the film's joyful conclusion, it is yet another added thrill. the film is presented in letterboxed format on one side, with an aspect ratio of about 1.85: 1 and no 16: 9 enhancement, and is in full screen format on the other, trimming some picture information off the sides and adding a little to the bottom. either framing seems workable. the color transfer is nice. hues and free casino game download. 23. shall use a communication protocol which ensures that erroneous data or signal will not adversely affect the operation of the device; 24. shall have a mechanical, electrical, or electronic device that automatically precludes a player from operating the device after a jackpot requiring a manual payout and requires an attendant to reactivate the device; and 25. shall be outfitted with any other equipment required by the division. Section 08 frozen jams unprocessed ; in standard jelly jars only. no plastic, except lids. class adult senior youth adult senior youth 5080 5280 5480 black, boysen, 5082 5282 5482 raspberry red marion, logan or black ; berry 5083 5283 5483 strawberry 5081 5281 5481 peach 5084 5284 5484 other section 09 marmalade a mixture of fruits usually including citrus. flavors listed refer to main ingredient. class adult senior youth adult senior youth 5087 5287 5487 apple 5091 5291 5491 peach 5088 5288 5488 apricot 5092 5292 5492 tomato 5089 5289 5489 citrus 5093 5293 5493 other 5090 5290 5490 orange section 10 conserve a jam-like mixture of two or more fruits, including raisins or nuts or both. flavors listed refer to main ingredient. class adult senior youth adult senior youth 5095 5295 5495 apple 5098 5298 5498 grape 5096 5296 5496 apricot 5099 5299 5499 plum or prune 5097 5297 5497 blueberry or 5100 5300 5500 peach huckleberry 5101 5301 5501 other section 11 syrups class adult senior youth 5105 5305 5505 blueberry or huckleberry 5106 5306 5506 berry black, logan, marion, etc. ; section 12 juices class adult senior youth 5115 5315 5515 apple or cider 5116 5316 5516 grape 5117 5317 5517 raspberry section 13 fruit butters class adult senior youth 5125 5325 5525 apple 5126 5326 5526 apricot 5127 5327 5527 peach and internet casino game. The descriptor "mercenary" carries rough and negative associations that continue to plague the industry. these associations have been formed through the actual exploits of many of the more flamboyant players already mentioned. but they have also been reinforced in public consciousness and perception by books and film where these "soldiers of fortune" are in it only for the money and where ethics and professional practice are not readily present. films, such as, blood diamonds, ronin, dogs of war, the substitute, predator, and the wild geese come to mind. a current abc television show, jericho, which explores the drama in a small town following nuclear explosions and end-of-the-world uncertainty has featured plotlines including pmfs halliburton and blackwater. the show has also introduced a fictitious firm, ravenwood, a duplicitous blackwater-esque entity operating in iraq, afghanistan, and now, in the continental united states. ravenwood has been apparently selling arms to the insurgents and taliban while accepting military and security contracts from the us government. this stereotype includes key characteristics; individuals who fight for a private client rather than a recognized government, motivation through corporate and personal economic gain rather than a cause, and questionable loyalty to the current contract rather than a higher call to duty. indeed, even the word "mercenary" carries such negative aspects that current pmfs have invented a whole new language for their industry and it does not include the m-word. the current players in this ancient industry are different from their predecessors in many ways. chief among them is their corporate structure and adherence to commonly accepted business practices. often these companies are part of larger multi-national corporations with varied and play free casino game.
Miracle, still couldn't save even the hundredth part! and at what a price to try! all useful commercial traffic halted. crews stunned by the sight of an ocean of corpses. fine merchant ships turned samaritan craft, floating hospitals left to days on end of aimless `drifting. and for what? for life? not even! for death. death, seeping its way deep into the western marrow . in other countries too the same orders were sent. in england, germany, italy, and more. and from that day on, the refugee fleet had the sea to itself. off on the horizon, no billows of smoke marked the presence of man, no beating heart . such was the first response to the minister's exhortations. kept secret for the sake of human dignity, it did little to alter the course of events . "monsieur orelle, " asked another reporter, "are we to understand that you plan to reimpose censorship?" "really, monsieur machefer! aren't you embarrassed to sound so foolish? what on earth could make you ask such nonsense?" this verbal jousting between these two was a common occurrence. it livened things up, and sometimes they even enjoyed it. but this time they seemed quite determined to loathe each other in earnest. in short, the moment of real confrontation that had to come sooner or later. "why, you said so yourself, monsieur orelle. we're duty-bound, as you put it, to keep to ourselves any qualms we might have about the outcome of this affair. aren't you suggesting a kind of moral self- censorship, in fact? with all the clear consciences on one side, and on the other ." "and on the other, yours! yes, we know, monsieur machefer. well, don't worry. you can go on just as you have, writing anything you please." "good, that's exactly what i'll do, " said the journalist, "first thing in the morning." "and i'll be sure to read you, too, monsieur machefer, " the minister replied. "i'm one of your most faithful readers. of course, i have no choice. it's my job. but still, that should make you happy. after all, there aren't many of us left ." an obsequious smile ran through the pressroom. everyone knew about machefer's paper. they knew what a time it was having to keep its head above water, and most of them gloated to watch it struggle. a poor, eight-page daily, with no pictures, practically no ads, badly printed, and more badly sold, it owed its survival to the combined efforts of a few anonymous benefactors, no one of whom gave very much, but who, taken together, got the moribund rag through the end of each month, like the cavalry in any good western, galloping up in the nick of time to save the beleaguered forces. each month, just as all hope seemed lost, the bugle would blare its salvation. no one ever knew that the president himself was one of the unknown troopers. machefer's paper was neither right nor left, nor even lukewarm middle of the road. it would lash out, often where least expected, tilting at the windmills of hackneyed opinion, rather dogmatically sometimes, to be sure, though machefer's followers always felt that he hit the mark. and he probably did, judging by the hatred he never failed to stir, far out of proportion with his real importance. but the press takes great pride in its objectivity--no personal hate, just personal opinion!--and so it pretended to treat machefer's paper like a kind ofjournalistic joke, the punch and judy show of the trade. when all of them had had their laugh in machefer's direction--no punch- puppet he, this tall old man with the deep-blue eyes, nattily dressed, white close-cropped hair, white drooping mustache--the minister called the class to order, making it clear that their playtime was over: "well i think that's enough of that!" he announced. "monsieur machefer, i assume that you didn't raise your hand to subject us to your petty quibbles. if you don't mind, please get to your question." "monsieur orelle, " machefer began, "let's suppose that the western nations go along with the government's proposal and provide for the refugee fleet as long as it's off in mid-ocean. can't you see that you'll simply be feeding your enemy, fattening up a million invaders? and if this fleet his tone, deliberately businesslike at first, grew more and more accusing, and shut up the lingering laughs of the last few fools ; ". should reach the coast of france, and throw those million invaders out onto the beach, would the government have the courage to stand up against the very same hordes that its kindness had rescued?" "now that's the real question!" thought dio, who had tossed out the first only to provoke the second. and he knew that machefer wouldn't fail him. but he also knew, when he launched the debate on a lofty, altruistic note, that any other point of view would be seen as revolting, or at least overruled on the spot. for, when man is convinced of his noble nature, he'll never so much as flirt with evil-- which usually does him in, in the end, ripped apart by both sides, like buridan's ass, forced to choose between his water and his oats. "monsieur machefer, " the minister replied, "your question is revolting! do you ask a drowning man where he was going and why, before you pull him out of the water? do you throw him back in if, assuming the worst, he admits he was swimming to your private beach to break into your cottage?" "no, you pull him out and hand him over to the police, " machefer answered. "with a million thieves pulled out of the water, how many police do you think you can muster?" monsieur jean orelle, the writer, beat an orderly retreat, as the minister in him came back to the fore: "there's no reason to suppose, " he said, "that the fleet will come anywhere near the coast of france, or even near europe, for that matter. but assuming the possibility of such a hypothesis, and since nothing on earth could give us the right to stand in its way--even if we conceivably could--the government has decided, as it says here in the communiqu, to work out, with its western partners, some kind of appropriate welcome, in a framework of international cooperation, to allow us, should the need arise, to share the burden of our generosity." "at five knots, " machefer argued, "they could sail around africa and still reach the coast of provence in roughly a month and a half. that should give your commission just enough time to study such vital matters as when and where to meet, and how to proceed. they won't be in any hurry, you can bet. they'll take their sweet time to see where the fleet is heading. then each one will tiptoe out, and leave the lucky winner to shift for himself. and what if we pick the right number? what then, monsieur orelle? believe me, our friends will be simply delighted to see us left with that crowd on our hands! no, i repeat my question ." "you won't repeat anything, monsieur machefer. you don't have the floor!" "but for god's sake, a million immigrants!" machefer shouted, over the rising commotion and casino slot game.

Join the fun of a summer cookout with hot dogs and all the fixins! your admission is a covered dish to share; we will grill the dogs and serve the toppings all in celebration of summer! this is always an event with great food and fine friends! registration ends august 8, 2008. location: 34635 ballroom fri aug 15 noon-1: 30 p.m.
3.3 * seeking other means of informing and being informed about pacific gambling and play casino game. 19x2 recurd we keouu$h a career mark , i 213 x-23. men' s knnis wally johnson. paw , , me head wach a, georgia tech. rcwpncd , [i devore more lime , o hlr , oh il\ caching prwterrwnal : i, a, tanla' capilal c, fy club \ men' track and firld-al s lai' pai.a ch r hen i, , fitchburg sutr. lappala slur i\ an ~w * , ant li, , r, hall coach a, fi, chhurp s, r, e wrestling dan palmer selected at millihlrl sta& + ` spurla informalion directors-john wooding named dwcctor c, l' * pun` informawn dnd , , r, m, o, wn a, seton hall. rcplacinp jim lamparltllo. who tcli i, , hewme d, rec, ur ot public retatkrnr fw , hc new jersy nc, \ of , hc nw. wwdmg i\ a iy7x &uafe , f ru, $er\ and prcwu\ly worked for , he wwdbndec , new jcr\ey, nrw$-tribune si~tvk rac' zynski apprmkd ; , i stantord~ rcpiacmp bob rosk. whc, re\, $ncd 10 become pubhcny dircl, m t w , hc lo\ angele, lranchlrc in , hc lln, kd st&e. liwkacwnsk, hds hecn ~\ * i\, pii, siij at h.dl lcafwc stanlord. sports informalion director assistant cynthia sut l-es1 fr. f, , rmer woiiicii~\ dwector pi wyommp. nwlcd ywr~r inlimnatiun at new mexico state conferences athletic dwecror a, lcw, i akky sciiiner~ c, ty s, ; ae c llr$e. elec, ed prwdcnl 01 ihc new jerwy st; rlc a, hlc, ic cunkrcncc notables. Kimberwicke bits resemble snaffles, but are actually leverage bits. a kimberwicke bit has slots in the rings, where the reins can be attached, and a curb chain that exerts leverage in the same manner as a curb bit. kimberwickes may have either jointed or straight mouthpieces and play for fun casino game. Entry form national h gun team event. 3 person team. maximum 1- aa per team. entry per team gst included team members 1. 2. 3. cheques to be made payable to: field and game federation of australia 2 rolfe court, leopold vic. 3224. Chicago-based band hello dave performs for troops at camp navistar june 18. the band played a variety of tunes including their own songs and covering songs by tom petty and pink floyd and download casino game. A process for setting the direction and priorities for metrology education and training began at the end of 2004. several workshops have been held to focus activities related to education and training. a "strategic roadmap for metrology education and training" is being developed collaboratively and you are invited to participate in helping set objectives and priorities. related organizations and participants will share ideas about their current projects, challenges, and how they fit into the roadmap. a question, answer, and comment period will be held during this session to gather your thoughts on where the metrology community should focus its energy. disclaimer: the ideas presented will represent the input from numerous metrology professionals and do not necessarily represent nist or any of the professional organizations directly.
The weight changes that were observed in female rats given sham lesions were similar to those that had previously been reported. adult female rats almost always lose weight in the first 3 to 5 days after sham lesions, and many do not exceed their preoperative weights by day 10 30, 33, ; . against this backdrop, the initial weight gain of female rats with posterodorsal amygdaloid lesions is impressive. although female long-evans rats generally take 6 to 10 become fully ambulatory after pentobarbital sodium anesthesia, rats with posterodorsal lesions often display a weight gain in the first 24 h after surgery. in the present study, the initial mean 3-day gain of 22.8 g computes to a net difference of 28.6 g compared with the mean loss of 5.8 g displayed by rats with sham lesions. the 3- and 10-day weight gains of the and black jack casino game.

Early mfr. of pistols and rifles imported by crescent mfr. of civil war muskets ny; mfr. of reproductions of colt firearms as joint operation with cold black powder co. single-shot rifles made by remington arms co. mfr. of handguns various mfrs. dallas, tx opa-locka, fl; bought out quality firearms, inc. Orfa city this is the capital city of the planet kidron. pg3 ; orfite a race of creatures native to the planet kidron, the orfites are friendly enough to those offworlders who obey their laws. this is an unusual request, considering that many of the offworlders on kidron are criminals and convicts escaping justice. the avergae orfite has a stocky build, and their faces are dominated by their large noses, which are filled with frilled olfactory lobes. their society revolved around the sense of smell, with each orfite exuding pheronomes which convey a variety of information. they lived in tribes known as sahhs, but every member of orfite society was free to move about, and could join another sahh if they didn't agree with the leadership of their current tribe. the empire considered the orfites to be uncivilized savages, and left them alone. pg3, ae ; orflon an asteroid located near the demophon system, orflon was the site of an alliance base during the galactic civil war. frozen and arid, the asteroid was a frigid wilderness that even the mynocks avoided. sn ; orga this plant grows in the lower levels of the forests of kashyyyk, and its roots are considered a ceremonial food by the wookiees. they serve it at the life day celebration. the orga roots are guarded near the forest floor by sentient plants. egc ; organ-legger this was the derogatory term used to describe those smugglers who transported illegally-obtained donor organs across the galaxy, during the early years of the new republic. gg11 ; organa, bail prestor bail organa was a youth when the hierarchy of alderaan was thrown into a huge debate about the ascendancy. there were a number of royal families that held claims to the throne of viceroy of alderaan, and each of the families was eager to get its own candidate named to the position. after a lot of political backstabbing and lobbying, the old republic was called in and, with the help of the jedi knights, finally decided that the organa family were the rightful successors to the seat of viceroy. bail quickly asserted himself as a high-ranking graduate from the academy, and became famous for his valor in the clone wars, where he fought along side the jedi knight obi-wan kenobi and the young pilot anakin skywalker. when bail assumed the title of viceroy and first chairman of alderaan, he also gained a seat on the imperial senate, and was soon engrossed in the new form of politics being played by senator palpatine and his supporters. note that star wars journal: queen amidala and the screenplay of the phantom menace state that bail organa was the first senator to second amidala's motion to remove chancellor valorum from office with a vote of no confidence, although the novelization of the phantom menace states that it was edcel bar gan. organa was against the ambitious senator and his cronies, and fought to oppose them. however, it soon became evident that palpatine was growing in power, and that the old republic was rotting from the inside out. organa was desperate, and turned to the growing resistance as an outlet for his anger. along with mon mothma, bail worked to solidify the resistance. it was about this time that anakin skywalker was nearly killed, and obi-wan kenobi consulted him about hiding anakin's children from the emperor. bail agreed to take in anakin's wife and daughter. he raised anakin's daughter as his own, and thereby introduced leia to the world of imperial politics and, also, the alliance. when the corellian treaty was being discussed, it was the words of bria tharen that pursuaded bail to sign it. as bail's faith in his daughter grew, he began assigning her more and more alliance-related missions, until that fateful mission when he asked her to pick up the stolen death star plans and enlist obi-wan kenobi out of hiding. when leia was intercepted by darth vader and later tortured aboard the death star, bail continued to assist the alliance up until grand moff tarkin decided to unveil the death star's power by destroying the planet alderaan in an effort to get leia to talk. bail was killed in the destruction. sw, scre, tps, rd, jqa, is1 ; organa, celly one of bail organa's sisters, and one of leia's adopted aunts. she always seemed to talk in riddles when she tutored leia. coj, jpl ; organa, nial one of leia organa's adopted cousins. coj ; organa, rouge one of bail organa's sisters, and one of leia's adopted aunts. coj ; organa, tia one of bail organa's sisters, and one of leia's adopted aunts. she was betrothed to a member of house vandron, but an unknown scandal prevented any marriage. coj ; organa solo, leia the daughter of anakin skywalker, and twin sister to luke skywalker, leia was separated from her brother at birth in an effort to hide their potential force-sensitivity. she and her mother were hidden with bail organa on the planet alderaan, where she grew up in the political atmosphere surrounding an imperial senator. leia herself grew proficient in the world of politics, and eventually became a senator herself. her mother became alderaan's mistress of education, but died while leia was still young. once leia saw the internal corruption that emperor palpatine was fomenting, she quickly turned her idealistic mind to the growing alliance to restore the republic. she became very active in the alliance, and was chosen to escort the stolen plans to the first death star to their final destination. after being captured by darth vader and tortured, her homeworld of alderaan was destroyed by grand moff tarkin. this only hardened her resolve, and crystallized her desire to overthrow the empire. following the battle of yavin, leia began to fall in love with han solo. the bounty on his life, however, separated them until leia could gain access to jabba the hutt's palace and rescue him, with the help of and casino game for fun. The image dyes in different films vary in their sensitivity to relative humidity; kodak has indicated that the rates of fading of some of the yellow dyes in its products approximately double when the relative humidity is increased from 40% to 60%. if yellow is the least stable of the three dyes in a particular film, the life of the film will be correspondingly reduced if the film is stored in a higher relative humidity. as discussed below, high relative humidity also has a very detrimental effect on cellulose triacetate, cellulose nitrate, and other cellulose ester films. ansi it9.11-1991, american national standard for im.

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