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Focaccia roll topped with cheese, fresh garlic, artichokes, smoked onions, roasted red peppers, sun dried tomatoes, pepperoncini & topped with fontina cheese. 5. sawtooth knobs mushrooms filled 4.95 with ham, fresh garlic, cream cheese, jalapenos, onions, flavored in brp's smoker. 6. tumbleweed artichokes with seasoned 4.95 breading, marinara, gorgonzola, ranch, or balsamic vinaigrette for dipping.
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The law offices of xavier durn, p.c. 5415 maple ave., suite 415 dallas, texas 75235. A single spot or pip on a playing card, die, or domino and turning stone casino.

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Angell school tsunami read- a-thon thanks to third grade student danny markel for thinking of doing a fund-raiser for the victims of the tsunami. altogether angell school students raised , 054.99 through the read-a-thon. this money will be sent to unicef to benefit tsunami victims. the project lasted only a week long and surprisingly we raised this much money. angel school will be doing other things for the tsunami victims and other places that need our help. "i'm so proud of our angell students for taking initiative to help others half the world away. that they did it though reading benefits everyone, " says mrs. jackson, principal at angell elementary school. we hope that you help the tsunami victims in other ways too!! katie paige, hannah gadway and emily kuttner from the director of food services dear parents and guardians, as the director of food services, i wish to offer my apologies for the menu changes this month due to the recent snow days. i know that students look forward to what is published on the menu for specific days, but when the district has a snow day, our department must use the food that is currently in production. we send out approximately 3, 800 student meals from the pioneer high school kitchen to all elementary schools in the district. normally, much of our food preparation takes place the day before, so when a snow day occurs we need to use that prepared food when we return to school. if we don't use it, the food will be wasted. if we have another snow day in the future, please plan on the previous day's menu. this practice is used in most school districts and has been used in ann arbor for many years. should you have any questions, please call our food service office at 734 ; 994-2265. thank you for your business. mark rodriguez senior food service director chartwells dining services. 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According to the remit given, the thematic strategy on the sustainable use of natural resources shall cover all natural resources as defined in the communication. several natural resources air, biodiversity, soils, water ; are already, or will soon wholly or partially ; be the subject of new eu policies and or regulations see partial list p. 117 ff. ; aiming at reducing the pressures and the impacts affecting these resources. the evaluation of the effectiveness of this new framework, in view of the security of supplies and decoupling objectives of the thematic strategy on the sustainable use of natural resources, should be done periodically, together with the evaluations of the strategy. the time scale of the future strategy is 25 years. whatever the choices which will be made by the eu institutions in the definition of the thematic strategy on the sustainable use of natural resources, there need to be strong links between the strategy and key eu policies relating to economy, competitiveness, employment, social development, technology, research and innovation, sustainable. When these recordings were made, mildred bailey was suffering from diabetes and was unable to appear regularly. fortunately, the producers of the army's v-disc label remembered her and issued quite a few recordings, with all of her musical quality intact! volume eight of bailey's recordings presented in chronological order includes all v-discs that were issued under her name. the opening set is particularly stunning, backed by teddy wilson only. also includes tracks backed by paul baron's large cbs-band. 20 tracks: rockin' chair, sunday, monday or always, scrap your fat, more than you know, squeeze me, someday sweetheart, downhearted blues, hold on, keep your hand on the plow, summertime, right as the rain, from the land of the sky blue water, the love i long for, sometimes i feel like a motherless child, dinah, which of the great forty-eight, wish you were waitin' for me, rockin' chair, honeysuckle rose, the man i love multiple titles avail. on clc, asv, arv, jas, mrm, tom and best casino. [kl-07] mapping the gaps - exploring boundaries, intersections and gaps in our naming of `gaming' and `simulation'; prof. dr. elyssebeth leigh faculty of education, university of technology sydney, australia ; 10: 00 entrance hall auditorium 2uo1 coffee keynote lectures [kl-01] understanding facilitation: how `facilitation' is communicated and practised in japan; prof. dr. fumitoshi kato faculty of environmental information, keio university, japan ; [kl-03] in defence of weltfremdheit and escapism; some thoughts about gaming and organizational learning; prof. dr. jac geurts deptartment of organisational studies, university of tilburg, the netherlands 12: 00 13: 00 13: 00 13: 45 refectory main hall lunch keynote plenary action [ka-05] large group game for sustainable resource management using mobited infrared-technology; dr. markus ulrich, mario gust, dr. mathias beyer, lis schmid, tutti stutzer germany; switzerland ; 13: 45 14: main hall poster session [po-01] occupational health and safety as a management task - value driver ohs; dr. thomas kohstall germany ; [po-02] simulation and gaming in public administration: how to teach financial and budgetary management; andrei e. volkov1, alexander a. klimov, michael j. tugaev, svetlana i. lysova, vyacheslav v. shoptenko russia ; [po-03] approaches to localization of banking games in transition economies: example of bankexec international simulationandrei e. volkov, alexander a. klimov, vyacheslav v. shoptenko russia. 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Cording to patient report, clinician and patient ratings, and information from other informants. patients may be abstinent but still have low positive scores on the yale-brown scale due to a subjective feeling of lack of complete control over the behavior. a typical responder, patient 10, went from a baseline of gambling 12 hours at a casino once a week for an average net loss of , 000 week ; to complete abstinence at the end of treatment table 1 and casino guide. Note: the base switch supports destination address and or source address for mac and ip. it cannot combine mac and ip settings, nor does it support port settings. If you have been thinking about starting or expanding a business there's a new cd you should take a look at. the start your own business platinumtm cd-rom provides in-depth advice and information on just about every aspect of starting or expanding a business. on this cd you'll find everything from finding funds to start your business through how to transfer ownership when you are ready to retire. the start your own business platinumtm cd-rom gives the small business owner or entrepreneur a way to have instant access to "how-to" advice from professionals on how to handle just about anything that might occur when starting or expanding a business. this means when something comes up, like working out a budget, or developing a strategy, the information on how to do it with examples ; can be quickly found on the start your own business platinumtm cd-rom and casino game online. Name: dale symmons dob: 10 85 height: 184cm weight: 78kg what is your favourite.? food: pasta drink: beer pub: seaton hotel tv show: the simpsons movie: braveheart band: anything on fresh holiday spot: thailand olympic sport: swimming karaoke song: "lucky man" by the verve what is your.? ultimate car: any ute will do ideal job: getaway presenter worst habit: chewing my tongue goal for 2007: play every game who is your favourite.? actor: matt damon actress: jennifer aniston politician: paul caica sportsman: wayne carey sportswoman: karrie webb comedian: eddie murphy. Summary the seneca's tribal employment rights ordinance tero ; offers preferential treatment in contract bidding procedures to companies owned by seneca indians. tero requires joint venture companies to be at least 51 percent owned by indians, and for them to be in charge. the seneca gaming corp. and securities and exchange commission rules bar contracts going to, among others, family members, in-laws, and life partners. recent stories by the buffalo news have exposed several potential violations of these rules. some of the biggest payouts for recent casino contracts are closely tied to barry e. snyder sr., the seneca nation president and chairman of the seneca gaming corp. marie williams, who lived with barry snyder's son until he was sent to jail and is the mother to snyder's granddaughter, served as a partner to baring industries in its 3.5 million dollar contract with niagara hotel and casino. her relationship with the company appears to be superficial and designed for the sole purpose of helping the business procure the favorable treatment, as the joint venture contract stipulates that baring will perform all the work, and ms. williams will consult and troubleshoot as necessary. snyder was complicit in arranging deals for williams. "williams, with barry snyder by her side, suggested the casinos place their orders through her, and she in turn would do the ordering through us foodservices and other providers. for her role, she said, she expected 6 percent of the contract. some nation employees characterized the proposal as nothing more than "skimming" from an existing contract. michael g. "mickey" brown, then executive director of seneca gaming, wasted no time in rejecting it". after the buffalo news story was published, marie williams' father, kenneth c. williams, was appointed by barry snyder to direct tero and oversee the ongoing charges of conflict of interest. the fbi said that it is `looking into the allegations'. information provided to the buffalo news appears to be from robert jones, a seneca dissident who serves as co-chairman of senecas for justice and preservation. charles scanlan, a former laborer, became chief executive officer for two of the biggest contractors at the casino. he's teamed with l.p. ciminelli co. in scanlan-ciminelli, and with clayton b. obersheimer in seneca cbo glass. combined, they did about million in casino work in niagara falls who built the 0 million seneca niagara casino & hotel. scanlon listed snyder as a reference on the casino contracts. interviews with executives at both companies say they teamed with scanlan as a way to get involved in the seneca construction. although scanlan did little and casino on the net. The average number of adults living in the household was approximately two individuals. table 7 ; interestingly, overall, females were more likely to live.
Players bring a lance of battlemechs and 4 copies of the corresponding record sheets official fasa and fanpro mechs only, rules of war and maximum technology ; for 4 2 hour head to head rounds of competition to determine who has the right to call themselves the lord of the battlemech. tonnage limit: 400 players sun 16 9: 00 12: 45 difficulty : intermediate room : ballroom a b ages : all table : 9 and casino gamble.

50 nanograms of thc metabolites per milliliter defines a "presumptive positive" by nida certified labs. this value was originally 20 ng ml, but too many false positives resulted. so the level was raised to 100 ng ml to reduce false positives. as of january 1995, the threshold was lowered back down to 50 ng because drinking water would easily bring a positive below 100 ng. be aware that these cutoffs are not universally consistent. i recently heard of a lab using a 15 ng cutoff! table 2.2 details the thresholds for other substances. Free casino slot machine roulette antique slot machine slot machine las vegas slot machine free casino slot machine game to online slot yourbestonlinecasino and casino betting.
Type of behavioral profile representation was used. specifically a 28-dimensional temporal profile, a 280dimensional temporal-spatial profile and a 427-dimensional temporal-spatial-contextual profile were chosen as this allowed us to observe the influence of increasing the amount of environmental information available to the security system on systems performance. we also had an opportunity to observe the effect of the curse of dimensionality with respect to the performance of our similarity measure functions. for each similarity function a continuously varying threshold curve was generated demonstrating the relationship between false accept rate far ; and a false reject rate frr ; . changing threshold trades the far off against the frr, so the error rates can be adjusted according to the requirements of the security application [7]. for our experiments the value of the threshold which makes frr equal to far was selected for each similarity measure function and is used as the representative accuracy of the utilized similarity measure function. b. user verification in this paper we compared three general similarity measure functions euclidian, mahalanobis, manhattan ; with a domain specific function developed by us weighted euclidian ; . the weighted euclidian distance measure we have utilized in our experiments assigns a weight of 3 to all pre-flop features of the vector and weight of 1 to all other features. the weight of 3 has been experimentally established by trial and error of different weights in the range from 1 to 10. the weight is incorporated into the formula by dividing the difference between corresponding values in the two feature vectors by the selected weight. as can be seen from table v general similarity measure functions euclidian, mahalanobis and manhattan ; showed a very similar performance, with mahalanobis distance being slightly inferior to euclidian and manhattan distances which showed identical performance of 12% equal error rate eer ; . best performance was shown by a task specific weighted euclidian distance which had a 10% eer. To the events which "appertain to or are causes of" the "incident" and the nature of material encompassed by this provision is given a broad interpretation. with regards to section 27 1 ; b ; , documents allowed to be disclosed are much broader than required under section 27 1 ; a ; but are both qualified by the documents being related to the incident. d ; given the plaintiff is alleging negligence by the defendant documents which must be disclosed to the plaintiff include personnel and training records for the security guard involved in the incident, documentation relating to the incident including file notes etc, a floor plan of the casino including camera placements and a copy of the footage from in the cameras in the event vicinity on the night of the incident. documentation related to the training of all security staff, prior complaints involving security staff and previous claims bought by the defendant against security personnel are not to be disclosed because they are too remote. e ; questions which must be answered by the defendant include the names and roles of each security guard involved in the incident, a description and explanation of the restraint used by the security guards on the plaintiff in the incident, description and locations of the cameras which filmed the incident, the alcohol quantities consumed by the plaintiff and defendant's staff involved in the incident, the details of the patron evicted about the same time as the plaintiff. information related to previous incidents at the defendant's premises does not have to be disclosed because it is too remote; f ; there is no indication in pipa that a failure to provide a part 2 notice would result in such a restriction and there is no relevant condition precedent. disclosure of letters of instruction under pipa 5. watkins v. state of queensland [2007] qsc 57 and virtual casino gambling. 1 the game of claim 1 wherein the winner's bonus is collected in a greater amount from the second fee than from the first fee.

As an example of habitat losses, nonfederal forested wetlands decreased by 5 million acres in the continental u.s. between 1982 and 1987 cubbage and flather 1992 ; . forest fragmentation has been recognized as a major problem for many wildlife species e.g., wilcove 1990 ; , but it results in habitat changes within as well as between fragments. in the southeast, smaller fragments tend to become drier hence less conducive to conditions favorable to the pileated ; and also change in plant species composition and tend towards younger successional stages rudis 1992 ; . removal of logging residue, downed wood, and pine straw from forested areas is becoming increasingly common. considerable research directed at finding ways to maximize economic returns from the forest through such actions is being conducted by the u.s. forest service and others e.g., howard and setzer 1989 ; and pine straw is currently sold on some southern forests. removing these materials not only removes the nutrients they contain and foraging substrates for pileated woodpeckers and others, but also changes the water balance of the forest floor, making the forest a drier environment less suitable for the arthropod fauna the woodpecker is dependent on. shooting by humans was a serious problem in the past e.g., sclater 1912, stoddard 1947 ; and continues in some areas jackson, pers.obs. ; . the birds are an impressive and easy target and in some quarters are considered to harm trees. becker 1942 ; offered one of the most detailed accounts of the disappearance of the species. toxic chemicals can affect woodpeckers in two ways: 1 ; by direct poisoning and 2 ; by killing their arthropod prey. careless use of agricultural chemicals and widespread control programs such as have been conducted in the past against the imported fire ant can have both affects. in addition, when woodpeckers nest in chemically treated utility poles, embryos or chicks can be killed by the fumes rumsey 1970 ; . in the eastern u.s., rat snakes elaphe obsoleta ; have been reported as nestling predators gress and wiens 1983, kilham 1959, moore 1984 ; . both sharp-shinned accipiter striatus; smith 1983 ; and cooper's a. cooperi; michael 1921 ; hawks are known as potential predators on pileated woodpeckers. erdman pers. comm. ; has found remains of adults and juveniles at goshawk a. gentilis ; nests in wisconsin. the sharp-shinned hawk is certainly more of a threat to fledglings than to adults. todd 1944 ; reported predation by a gray fox urocyon cinereoargenteus ; on a ground-feeding pileated in tennessee. because they feed extensively on the ground, woodpeckers are vulnerable to being killed by vehicles as they approach or leave feeding sites e.g., eifrig 1944 ; , an argument for keeping downed wood away from highway rights-of-ways. habitat requirements nesting, breeding, non-breeding ; general dense deciduous favored in southeast ; , coniferous favored in north, northwest and west ; , or mixed forest, open woodland, second growth, and locally ; parks and wooded residential areas of towns. prefers woods with a tall closed canopy and a high basal area. most often in areas of extensive forest or minimal isolation from extensive forest. uses a minimum of 4 cavities per year only one for raising brood ; . nesting nests are in cavities excavated by both sexes usually in dead stubs in shaded places; cavity entrance averages about 14 m above ground see photos and descriptions in harrison 1975, 1979 ; . usually digs a new hole for each year's brood, but the same cavity may be used for several years. nest tree species and size varies among regions and even within regions depending on site and availability. in southern british columbia, preferred nest sites were in live aspen with heartwood decay, in trees larger than 40 cm dbh harestad and keisker 1989 ; . in northwest and casino cash.
Beach bar open to public . serving food & drink former site of the elegant st. catherine hotel, hotel to the "stars" burned to the ground in the 70's walk north quarter mile from casino along boardwalk, or take trolley should be open all festival days till late afternoon this is site.

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July 8-- district tee-ball tournament, milwaukee area july 14-- district softball tournament, appleton mem. park august 3-5-- state outdoor tournament, eau claire bowling will be starting in september. now is a great time to begin saving money for the bowling season. fees will need to be paid early in september--watch for details. new!!! special olympics calendar is now on the back side of this activity calendar. The eyes of the beholder did not have to look far to find beauty at the art exhibit that opened in the commons dec. 15. several local youth entered their work in the boys and girls club of america local fine art exhibit, through usag schweinfurt child and youth services. "it's an isolated area here, but kids still have the opportunity to participate. they can always have the same opportunity with the boys and girls club, and that's very important, " said tokomo gates, curriculum and training specialist with school age services sas ; . the artwork, some hanging on display boards while others decorated the tables, was the product of much creativity and hard work. two experienced artists acted as independent judges for the competition, which is the first step toward the boys and girls club national exhibit "it's a long-term program, so they can concentrate on one product over time, so it helps them process what they want to make, " gates said. each of the children got a certificate for participating in the exhibit, while the long-lasting effects are increased self-esteem and confidence, according to samad alinur, middle school zone director. "a lot of the kids didn't even want to participate because they didn't think their artwork was.
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