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41 we have assumed that before each election every voting machine would be subject to public testing. this is frequently described as logic and accuracy testing or simply l&a testing, a term that is more appropriate in the realm of punch-card and mark-sense ballot tabulating machines than in the realm of dre systems, but the term is used widely and in many states it is enshrined in state law. for a more detailed discussion of logic and accuracy testing, see appendix e. 42 electionline , recounts: from punch cards to paper trails, at 3 oct. 2005 ; [hereinafter recounts], at : electionline portals 1 publications eripbrief12.sb370updated. pdf last visited may 25, 2006 ; . 43 california selects auditors at the county level by political party. telephone interview by eric l. lazarus with debbie smith, elections coordinator, caleveras county, ca july 14, 2005 ; . we assume each audit team will have at least two members, with one member selected by each political party. 44 this might be difficult in the selection of machines for parallel testing. if election officials insist on one-month's notice as to which precincts will be tested, publication of the selected machines could be problematic. specifically, this would allow an attacker to know which precincts to avoid attacking. 45 many more recommendations for a sound parallel testing regime can be found in the subsection entitled "effects of regimen for parallel testing, " infra pp. 5259. 46 in california election officials generally felt they needed at least a month's notice this is because when parallel testing is done, certain precincts will lose the use of one or two machines. telephone interview by eric l. lazarus with jocelyn whitney, developer and project manager for parallel testing in california dec. 23, 2005 ; . 47 in threat paper entitled "trojan horse in dre -os" posted by chris lowe for the nist threat analysis workshop in oct. 2005, mr. lowe imagined an attack in an election involving tom jefferson and john adams. the analysis in this paper should not be confused with mr. lowe's work, although we do reference mr. lowe's threat paper, infra note 120. 48 because this report does not address security issues related to absentee voting, and for purposes of simplicity, we are assuming that all votes were cast at a polling place on one of the three voting systems we are examining. 49 the numbers in this appendix represent the average number of polling places and precincts in the three largest counties in each of the zogby battleground states in 2004 presidential election see supra note 32 ; . milwaukee county was not included in this analysis because they divide up polling places and precincts in a way that made comparison impossible. 50 if an attacker were to switch 4% of the votes from candidate a to candidate b, it would have the same effect on the margin of victory as adding 8% of the total votes to candidate a, or subtracting 8% of the total votes from candidate b. this can be demonstrated in a simple example. suppose candidate a and candidate b each received 50 votes. if we switched 4 votes from candidate b to candidate a, candidate a would win the election by 8 votes: 54 for candidate a, 46 for candidate b. if on the other hand, we simply stuffed the ballot box and added 8 votes for candidate a, but did not otherwise tamper with the election results, candidate a would again win by 8 votes: 58 votes for candidate a, and 50 votes for candidate b. 51 this assumes that the county does not post pdf images of the ballot on the web prior to the election; this was done by, among other counties, st. lucie county, florida prior to the general election of 2000. 52 see also appendix g. 53 this analysis does not even consider how much more difficult the attack would become if one of our two other sets of countermeasures was in place. for instance, under the basic set of.
Parents in our survey sample appear to be representative of low- and moderate-income parents in urban areas. table 1 shows that survey respondents are spread fairly evenly across the five quintiles within the ##TEXT##-50k income range.4.
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More details concerning net economic impacts of the cow creek tribe are given in the report in table 2 on page 18, and in table 3 on page 19. without the tribe? suppose the tribal economic activity was subtracted out of the douglas county economy in 2004. for one thing there would have been 1, 610 fewer jobs in the county. what would have happened if those unemployed workers left the county compared to if they had stayed in the county? if the unemployed had stayed in the county: county population, school aged population and the labor force would have stayed the same. the number of employed would have decreased by 3.7%. the number of unemployed would have increased by 39.3%. the unemployment rate would have increased by 3.3% going from 8.6% to 11.9% in december 2004. the total payroll would have decreased 3.9%. if the unemployed had left the county: county population, school age population and the labor force would have all decreased 4.1, 4.8 and 3.4%, respectfully. the number of employed would have decreased by 3.7%. the number of unemployed would not have changed. the unemployment rate would have increased 0.3%. the total payroll would have decreased 3.9%. losing 1, 610 jobs as can be seen from the data in the last section the net loss of 1, 610 jobs were it not for the cow creek would have had a profound effect, especially on the number of unemployed and the unemployment rate. if those 1, 610 unemployed workers left the county it would cost the county: 4, 231 residents. 898 school aged children. 1, 449 households. the loss of so many households would have: " vastating effects on the quality of neighborhoods, and, in turn, on property values and tax revenues for local taxing jurisdictions." page 22. ; also, commercial businesses would have had fewer customers lessening the value of commercial real estate. property taxes the real market property value in douglas county in 2004 was over .2 billion with a net assessed value of over .6 billion. a total of .7 million in taxes was imposed on douglas county property that year. almost .8 billion of land, buildings and other properties were subject to all or partial property tax exceptions in douglas county in 2004 2005. land held by the cow creek accounted for a total of about 2% of that total. in fact, in terms of the value of the property held, the cow creek were tenth on the list of property holders. for more details see table 6 on page 25 which also shows the assessed values of those holdings. ; the total property taxes imposed on the 1, 300 unique douglas county home addresses of cow creek employees in 2004 2005 was , 135, 655 or 1.8% of the total property taxes imposed by douglas county that tax year and baccarat casino game. 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Nonprofit henderson art association, which gets much of its financing though fundraisers. in 2001, when the gallery was first started, romero said the redevelopment agency helped connect the group with the downtown henderson business association, which subsidized its rent for about a year. kitty boeddeker is past president and one of the founders of the henderson art association. she said the group has worked to increase public art in the area and has commissioned three murals on buildings throughout the water street district. one is on the embarq building, another is on the muffler shop and a third is on the area's 7-eleven store. she said the group hopes to commission more murals in the future, but that takes money. "we have to raise the money for each mural, " boeddeker said."the average mural can go anywhere from , 000 to , 000 depending on the artist." the group's fund-raising efforts are a key component in paying for those endeavors. the group shares the proceeds with the henderson district public libraries. this year's tournament earned the group half of the , 000 raised at the event. "we did very well, " boeddeker said. "these funds will allow us to go for the rest of the year. we'd like to do other fundraisers." in response to increased interest, she said the group plans to increase the number of opportunities interested artists have to join. beginning in 2007 the group will increase those opportunities from two to four times each year. during the process a panel of art experts judge the technical quality of the artist's work, before they're allowed in. the water street distinct is home to the old town gallery and city lights art gallery, as well as quiet places a water street art space and a6 gallery. blair said the growth and variety of art studios on and around water street is good for the area. "i think it shows that there are so many people out there that have this artistic talent, " she said."there's so many more than we realize. places like city lights and old town give those people the opportunity to show it." one non art-related business took advantage of the redevelopment agency's faade improvement program to have murals painted on its building. the eldorado casino in henderson is having five murals painted onto the water street side of its building, romero said. another way business has merged with art in downtown henderson is through the downtown henderson business association's third thursday monthly art walk. the group has put the event and craps casino game.
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The parade of triplets entire book calling long distance get wet! patterns of growth proportional reasoning looking at lines looking at lines 16.01 16.07 graph fractions as ordered pairs and explore the relationships and patterns. use real world situations as a context for building an understanding of linear function concepts. build a cost table detailing the charges for long-distance calling. collect and weigh objects in air and water; graph the results and predict linear relationships. construct graphs comparing growth rates of trees; develop equations to predict age and height of tree from diameter and best casino game. Online gambling portal online gambling boat best gambling resource internet casino gambling gambling jack machine online online sport gambling online gambling football gambling gambling odds nfl sport gambling gambling gambling virtual gambling, gambling hueyspicks sports.
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Two-player scenarios 2d6 result 2 the warband with the lower rating chooses the scenario. 3 breakthrough 4 the thing in the woods 5 wyrdstone hunt 6 skirmish 7 stagecoach ambush 8 bounty hunting 9 lost in the bogs 10 surprise attack 11 chance encounter 12 the warband with the lower rating chooses the scenario. multi-player scenarios 2d6 result 2 the warband with the lower rating chooses the scenario. 3 the lost prince mordheim 2002 annual, p30 or on mordheim website ; 4 monster hunt mordheim 2002 annual, p33 or on mordheim website ; 5 treasure hunt mordheim 2002 annual, p29 or on mordheim website ; 6 street brawl mordheim 2002 annual, p29 or on mordheim website ; 7 stagecoach ambush 8 bounty hunting 9 lost in the bogs 10 the thing in the woods 11 ambush! mordheim 2002 annual, p32 or on mordheim website ; 12 the warband with the lower rating chooses the scenario and free internet casino.

Figure 15.15 setting the border of pointdicejpanel. 4. 5. The morning of day 14 finds the koror beach strewn with debris and the kidz bleary-eyed and beaten. "that was pure hell, " coby moans, the trademark snideness seemingly scoured out of him by wind and rain. janu is taking it hardest of all. "last night was the first night where i've felt so vulnerable, " she says. obviously she's never been on a date with me. "i just felt very alone and scared. i ended up getting through the night, but it's kind of lingered on into the day." yeah, definitely never been on a date with me. when we join the action, janu is in tears -- just this side of hysterical, really -- curled up in the tribe's hammock like she's trying to crawl through it to the other side. tom gives her a pep talk that seems to do no good whatsoever. "it's a bad place to be, " he says, "but let today be a bad day." it's good advice, but she's not really listening. "it's so hard, " she whispers. "i'm so . depleted." she looks positively shell-shocked. she looks like she's been through a war. need i point out that she's putting on this little performance from inside the tribe's professionally built shelter, laying in the tribe's professionally installed hammock? say it with me now: janu is a big wimp. those in the audience over the age of 17 should feel free to use a slightly stronger term that refers to a portion of the female anatomy. i know i did. ; katie is having none of it. "i thought i was the drama queen, " she says simply. "but apparently not." over at ulong, it's the morning after, and steph and ibrehem have been on a "tree-mail" run. ibrehem is carrying a wooden footlocker and wearing a cryptic grin. and also his shorts. i mean, don't get too excited, girls. the footlocker contains a flag and a length of rope and -- no kidding -- a telegram. as a way of showing my approval of the pro and best internet casino. The conventional view of economists is that a tax reduction would increase the price of leisure, and hence workers would demand less leisure. on the other hand, their income has risen because of the tax reduction, and they should demand more leisure. hence, on balance, it is a question of which effect dominates. as an empirical matter, the conventional view is that the supply of labour is very inelastic with respect to the after-tax wage rate. hence, on this view, the effect will be small for fulltime male workers. the only qualification i would have is that certain occupational classes may be affected. the businessman, the tradesman, the shop owner who will be getting a higher reward after tax for effort may respond more than the wage and salary earner. gambling which is time intensive, such as casino gambling, may be affected at the margin. such speculation has to be balanced against the view that most casino gambling goes on at night. when the choice between saving and consumption is considered, one simple point can be made immediately. it is that the way to avoid a consumption tax is by saving. hence, at the margin, saving is going to be more appealing. reinforcing this will be the increased after-tax return from saving, as taxation falls at the margin. so saving ought to increase, subject to two provisos. savings invested with the aim of getting an untaxed return from capital gains will now be unsheltered, whilst national identity cards will make evasion through not reporting interest income ; more difficult. what emerges is the view of a society in which thrift has become more attractive. will this reduce expenditure on gambling? this is where the industry must make its own judgment. as an additional point here, i would like to add that, after food, the second largest expenditure component by households is housing. the failure to apply capital gains taxation to owner-occupied housing will make it the one sheltered investment avenue households have. it seems to me that tax reform which exempts the principle residence will do much to redirect funds to housing investment. such investment, with the associated large mortgage burden, especially so when variable interest rates are used, does tend to diminish households discretionary income. consequently, the potential exists for such a development to impact adversely on gambling. any economist's discussion of how taxation affects economic behaviour generally concludes with discussion of how risk taking by households is affected. the point appreciated by all is that a fall in marginal tax rates will increase the rewards for being a risk-taker. if marginal tax rates are reduced in australia, and if households make an overall decision as to how much they wish to be exposed to risk, then the implication is as follows. if households satisfy their overall gambling propensity by taking risk more of a business or investment nature, then there ought to be observed some reduction in gambling activity. such a conclusion assumes trade-off's do occur between pure `gambling' and `business gambling'. but there are even more tenuous assumptions involved in this analysis about what prompts gambling activity. hence this point has less relevance than the potential effects upon work and saving. in summary, the issues here are whether, in the long term, tax reform might transform australian society into one less orientated to leisure and thriftier than it is now. if the argument is accepted that gambling actively declines as a society becomes richer and more productive, then in the very long run, these reforms may sap the current vigour of gambling activity in australia. in discussing these effects, it needs to be stressed that it will be four to five years before these changes come from tax reform. legislation will take time, the.
Incredible job of re-imagining this classic musical for a modern audience. combining the charm and chemistry of harry connick jr. and kelli o'hara, as well as the amazing vibrancy of the supporting cast and crew, kathleen created a production that will forever be remembered as a roundabout highlight. 2005-2006 also marked the inaugural season for our 75-seat black box theatre at the harold and miriam steinberg center for theatre. throughout the year, the multi-functional space was used for a variety of events, including artistic readings and workshops, production rehearsals and student performances. the black box was also home to an exciting new artistic initiative called "different voices." established by playwright and roundabout board member charles randolph-wright, the series of readings and workshops is designed to give minority playwrights and directors the opportunity to develop and showcase their work using roundabout's vast resources. thank you to our board of directors and talented staff for helping to make this anniversary season such a success. i would also like to recognize steve goldstone as he completed his term as chairman of the board. during the last three years, steve's leadership has been truly inspirational to all of us at roundabout, as he has led us through many milestone events, including the purchase of studio 54 and the first full season in all three of our permanent homes. i delighted that steve will continue to serve roundabout as a member of our board of directors. since its inception in 1965, roundabout has always made an effort to keep a sense of its "mom and pop" roots. forty years later, i proud to say that, while having grown so much, we haven't abandoned our guiding principle of offering quality service to our dedicated subscribers, while still presenting the highest level of theatrical art by the english speaking world's most accomplished writers, designers and performers and best casino gambling. How was it today?" squint and grimace. say, "it was bright." say, "i think the world is getting brighter." "come over here." note: go over there. put your head on the pillow in her lap, just do it. "where does it hurt?" say, "inside my head." "where in your head?" say, "it's in the middle of my brain." "what color is it?" say, "what?" "what color is it?" say, "i don't know." "what color is it? tell me." say, "it's blue. cold blue and hard." "what shape is it?" say, "shape?" "tell me what shape." helpful hint: tell her what shape. say, "it's the shape of a boulder. a lumpy boulder." "close your eyes." make a face. "i mean it, close your eyes." note: do it. say, "ok, ok." "if it could hold water, how much would it hold?" say, "the headache?" "yes." say, "um. a big metal bucket." "ouch." say, "like the kind you mop with. you know?" she knows. everyone knows what kind of bucket you are talking about. Atlantic city casinos reported 5 million in casino win in march, a 9.9 percent decrease over the same month a year ago. results reported to the new jersey casino control commission thursday show that the 11 casinos won 7.3 million at the slot machines and another 7.7 million at table games in march. slot revenue was down 11.2 percent while table revenues decreased 6.6 percent. copies of individual casino tax returns with detailed information on gaming revenues are available on the commission web site at : casinos financia mthrev . casinos paid .6 million in taxes on their gross revenues in march. that money, 8 percent of gross revenue, goes into the casino revenue fund which pays for programs that benefit qualifying senior citizens and people with disabilities. in addition, the casinos incurred another .9 million in reinvestment obligations. they are required to reinvest 1.25 percent of gross revenues in projects approved by the casino reinvestment development authority. for the first three months of the year, casinos won .1 billion, down 6.4 percent from the same period in 2007. revenue from slot machines is down 8.5 percent and revenue from table games is down 1.3 percent for the three months. win, or casino revenue, is the net amount of money won by casinos. it is not profit and casino gambling bet.
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